What in the World is Happening Outside?

Holy crap. An insane, almost tornado-like wind just blew through my part of town. It was actually shaking my house and I was watching it strip fronds from the palms outside my office window like a little kid blowing on a dandelion that’s gone to seed. After seeing the plauge-filled trailer for the end-of-the-world flick The Reaping over the weekend, I’m actually a little freaked out. Anybody else?

p.s., now it’s back and it’s actually shaking the windows in their frames.

14 thoughts on “What in the World is Happening Outside?”

  1. I actually just stepped away from the windows because the wind was so violent. It looked like the kind of weather the movies have led us to believe precedes alien invasions or the rapture.

  2. It happened here in NoHo over lunchtime. Went out to grab a bite from HealthyCA. Walked in all nice and sunny and walked out to end of the world roiling grey skies and bent palms.

    Now, it’s just sunny as can be with a little more wind then before!

  3. I was in Vernon shooting photos (post coming soon) and I was nearly blown over by a gust of wind that must have been close to 40mph.

  4. It was pretty intense watching this storm cell roll over the Hollywood hills. It went from bright blue skies to dark, windy, and rain in only a few minutes.

    P.S. To denizens native to SoCal or transplants from similar climates: This is what’s called a storm. They have them all the time during the summer in Minneapolis, where I’m from. ;)

  5. You should see it up here at Angels Gate. Our neighbors over at the Marine Exchange are reporting 46 MPH winds, and it’s gusting at least 50-55. One window basically imploded from the wind. All kinds of crap is blowing around, and the ocean is choppy as all hell.

  6. I was walking around at El Camino College (in the South Bay) and a huge dead palm tree part fell and nearly crushed (okay, brushed) a student about 8 feet away from me.
    I’m originally from the Midwest so I was (for the most part) enjoying the wind.
    later 1/4″ hail got dumped from the sky. awesome! I ran outside barefoot and reveled in the little ball of ice in the grass and took some pics.

  7. At my son’s Montessori school in Culver City, the kids on the playground were attacked by a freakishly strong swirling dust storm about 4pm. They ended up pulling their shirts over their eyes and one of the teachers had to lead them inside because they couldn’t see. The kids loved it — the teachers were a little freaked out.

  8. The wind was making a terrible noise palm trees bending the ocean
    dark grey and stormy.Was it a mini tournado?

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