Anti-illegal grandma attacked during protest

Picture%2015.pngI just ran across a post from the “Immigration Watchdog” blog showing a video from the other side of last Sundays anti-immigrant/Minuteman protests, where a senior citizen was allegedly attacked:

Susan was hit in the chest by an unopened Coke can. It was thrown at her from a window above the sidewalk while Susan and other American citizens were marching along the sidewalk in downtown Los Angeles.

Off camera, we hear the interviewer comment: “I’ve been attacked. I know a lot of people who’ve been attacked by these so called nice illegal aliens.”

The video is bookended with sappy music by Enya and closing titles that read “Join an anti-illegal immigration group. The life you save may be your own.”

This is probably not the best time to argue the whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing, but who’s to say this was an illegal immigrant who threw the can at Susan? But more importantly, one thug shouldn’t cast the whole pro-immigrant crowd as violent criminals, any more or less than some bigoted racists should paint everyone opposed to illegal immigrants as modern day Klansmen.

Still, whoever would attack an senior citizen (or anyone for that matter) based on their beliefs deserves to be punished vigilantly and banished from society.

Eecue’s coverage of the protests here

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  1. Aye carumba…let me see the police report or some unbaised source to verify it happened. Thanks for the link, it looks more like they were trying to figure out how to spin it to make the “illegals” look like the second coming of the evil empire. Sheesh. The 2 camps are so far divided on the topic it will take a miracle for any resolution anytime soon.

  2. I totally believe that Godzilla rampaged New York City. I saw the video. The people seemed 100% genuine.

    That said, I’m willing to believe that somebody threw a coke can at her. Reading the above (but skipping the video), I want to throw a coke can at her now for assuming that it was an illegal alien. It would be wrong, and I won’t do it, but most sanctimonious prigs make me want to throw coke cans at them. You gotta figure that I’m not the only one out there and the law of averages dictates that eventually someone’s going to give in.

  3. To be fair, Don, she doesn’t suggest it was an illegal alien, it was the interviewer.

    That said, I’m sure there are plenty of people who’d love to toss cans of Coke at me or you based on our views, but thats beside the point.

    Attacking, or even threatening anyone because they’re exercising their right to free speech is beyond disgusting, period. As is excusing such behavior.

  4. This reminds me of the folks at the Westboro Baptist Church. Their church sign (those ubiquitous ones with the pithy statements on the front lawn) got shot twice and, of course, they use it as a warning “Fags are Violent,” which is truly funny on multiple levels.

  5. Huh? What? We have a blog here with twenty different writers and twenty different points of view. If you’re going to stop reading because you don’t like one point of view, its your perogative.

  6. Guys like Don Hosek are why we have so much crime in the first place. You only defend the criminals, not the victims. Illegal immigrants aren’t people to be admired, they are people who take shortcuts in life. It is possible to legally come to the US, but they are just too lazy to do it that way.

  7. I wish someone would throw coke cans at me , loaves of bread , some chicken , maybe some beef ribs too . Fresh vegetables would be great too.

    Look if you are goping to lead with your chin , it is going to get hit , either figuratevly or literally.

    I don’t advocate throwing coke cans at old ladies , but I don’t advocate hate either , these minutement groups are ful of hate and fear and people who just want to be seen on tv

  8. At some point this calls into question the whole nationalist enterprise. Sure, this is a country worth defending and worth preserving… but what does that mean? Immigration made and makes this country what it is… illegal or legal. Of course there is no justification for illegally entering the country, at least not in terms of being law-abiding. Yet, we have by some estimates 12 million people here illegaly – the population of a smallish European nation – so… what to do? Round them up and send them all back to… where? And we call ourselves a country that respects human rights? The system is and has been broken for a very long time. However bad it is though, these people are here, and the overwhelming majority of them do not commit crimes or cause trouble (of course I know that being here illegally is, well, illegal). To crack down on these people and criminalize their presence in this country (and I mean to actively bring criminal proceedings against them – again, I know being here illegally is… illegal in itself) – would be to tear up a huge part of our society.

    This post is not the place for an exhaustive analysis of what that would entail – and really, this is over a stupid ass throwing a coke can at (someone), but I agree with Don… these so-called anti-illegal immigration groups are little more than vigilantes, thugs and misguided ego driven pseudo saviors of our “national identity”. If these people believe so strongly in their “cause”, may they never do anything to support illegal immigration, directly or indirectly. So – no more eating strawberries, or really anything that is picked in a field, no more dining out since a lot of the back-of-house staff in many restaurants are, well, illegal… no more staying in hotels, or hiring laborers at Home Depot, or going to a carwash (because you never know), or having domestic help, or having your gardener work at your house (again, you never know)… or whatever. When I see these people as a group start backing up their so-called convictions that way, well, then I’ll pay some attention. Until then, I’m going to be grateful that I can do all those above mentioned things… with a clear conscience.

  9. Way to be a wuss, Will Campbell. I actually had someone throw a Coke can at me at a strike several years ago.

    So if you’d like to throw a Coke can at me, give it a shot, little lady. You’re just another internet big talker.

  10. I’ve been eyeing this stuff online (mostly) and in person (a little bit) for years now. Chances are good that what IWD said is at least partly true – he seems to have an ok track record. (I say this as someone who supports the undocumented workers here.) There is generally very little “violence” that happens at these events, but it does happen. Most of the on-the-street reports, on both sides, are pretty accurate. You can usually tell if something really happened by reading the various message boards (Save Our State and LA Indymedia mainly), where each side either exaggerates or minimizes what happened. The big media tend to ignore some of the events, particularly if they seem to be non-events, or their reporters missed something.

    Just off the top of my head, here are all the incidents of violence or potential injury that have happened. Dot hit by water bottle at Baldwin Park. Hal Netkin drives into several people, knocking two down, at Garden Grove. Dude gets in fight at Burbank. Nazi pulls knife and chases after protester. Coyotl is taken down by Costa Mesa cops during City Council, because he refused to stop talking before his 3 minutes were up. Ted Hayes plus thug (Rockerman?) coordinate to hold and assault protester. And now this soda can incident. Someone correct me if I missed anything.

    All totalled, the anti crowd is responsible for four of these incidents — and all were deliberate assaults. The cops were responsible for one, against a counter-protester. The counter-protester crowd is responsible for two, both thrown beverage containers.

    The cops tend to be split on the issue, but when they are right-wing, they take liberties with the law, and go rough on the counter-protesters. That’s to be expected; it’s abuse for political ends, by people in a position of authority.

    That’s why it’s all the more important to stop these anti-illegal-immigrant activists. They are really pushing for increased use of violent force against their enemies, and trying to enlist the powers of the state to carry out their dirty work.

  11. Also, regarding the comment about “modern day Klansmen”. You need to put the Klan into proper perspective. The old Klan made a comeback in the 1910s, and at their politial zenith in the early 30s, the Klan operated openly, had a claimed 2 million members, and got members elected into some state legislatures.

    They were self-proclaimed as a generally nationalist conservative movement. They were for God and Country, purity, white supremacy, opposed to immigration (especially non-white) and all that other stuff. The organization eventually collapsed when the leadership were found to be corrupt. (Kind of like the Republican Congress.) The membership dissipated, and the Klan became a fringe underground group, retaining only their terrorist and fascistic elements.

    Characterizing the anti-illegal-immigrant mob as Klan-like is not only apt, it’s historically accurate.

  12. :It is possible to legally come to the US, but they are just too lazy to do it that way.

    Not true. Our immigration laws are very restrictive about giving work visas to laborers. They’re pretty generous about engineers and nurses, though.

  13. JK – The reason why I said that illegal immigrants are lazy is that they COULD have become engineers or nurses, or something skilled. Instead, they want to take shortcuts in life. It is why their children end up as criminals over here, and why we only legally allow people who we truly need. Unfortunately, businesses love having illegals work for them in order to pay lower wages. We don’t need more illegal laborers living 10 to a house in East LA, with their kids running around in gangs.

  14. Bob – If you think that the countries that these people come from in any way resemble the quasi-meritocracy that exists in the US, you are sadly mistaken. It’s why they come here; there are opportunities that exist here that are only available to the uber-wealthy in their countries.

    And since when did being a laborer doom your kids to being a criminal? I’m sure my grandparents would have some choice words for you on the subject.

  15. Way to bait Bobbie boobie baby… but strangely I’m not biting this time ’round from someone so kneejerkedly infantile. And besides who was big-talking about throwing any Coke!!? I was merely making a chill offering. Sorta. And I like Hexod’s idea about beer better.

  16. You know Will, whenever I read your posts, you always struck me as a big talker, no walker. And now I know it is true. You just throw names at people, but have nothing to back it up. One of these days you are going to mouth off to the wrong person, and everyone will find out what a little girl you really are.

  17. Bob:
    Say what you will about Will, but he puts his name on every post he writes. I wouldn’t call this cowardly, unlike some people who comment anonymously with veiled threats.

  18. Wow, you labloggers are great. Since your reading comprehension is so bad, Will “little girl” Campbell was the only one who had any veiled threats with his “have a Coke” comment.

  19. Where have you been, Bob!? If you REALLY read my posts you’d know I’m a total walker: I walked Sunset Boulevard from downtown to the beach in February, then a few weeks later I walked the marathon. So there!

    As to digging around in Bob’s Big Bag O’ Bait ‘N Insults and goading me with the tried and true “little girl” zinger… am I really supposed to get upset at THAT? Hell, it’s almost cute!

    So I guess that means we’re at a standoff Bob. But lemme guess: Your failure to engage me coupled with my sarcastic dismissal won’t sit at all well and thus leave you contemptuously attempting to manufacture more insults and indignation.

    Don’t you have anything better to do?

  20. Hey GM… Where’s the generalizing? My post looks pretty specific to me… help me out here pal – throwing potshots is fine, but that was about the most generalized potshot I’ve seen in a long time!

  21. That’s a strange comment about someone who doesn’t get a technical job as “lazy”. That would mean most Americans are extremely lazy, because we don’t have a degree or credential. Birthright is the only reason why we benefit from the thousands of skilled people who come here on the H1B, or immigrate through the usual channels. We’re just lazy cheaters, copying the answers from the foreigners’ test sheets. We suck.

  22. will campbell. you should move to mexico and take all the illegals with you. and when you’re down there you and all illegal mexicans, which will now be legal, can work the jobs that all the illegal guatemalans do that the local, lazy mexicans won’t. and then after you work that job for a few days you can then be deported to guatemala by the very strict, anti-immigrant mexican government

    can’t buy land if you’re not mexican
    can’t participate in government if you’re not mexican
    citizenship granted to peope each year by mexico– roughly 3000
    legal citizenship grant to people by the US per year — roughly 500,000

    go have a coke in mexico, will

  23. here ya go kenarch

    1. the overwhelming majority of them do not commit crimes or cause trouble

    and how do you know this? i’m sure there’s many who disagree with you

    2. these so-called anti-illegal immigration groups are little more than vigilantes, thugs and misguided ego driven pseudo saviors of our “national identity”.

    way to generalize an entire organization.

    3. So – no more eating strawberries, or really anything that is picked in a field, no more dining out since a lot of the back-of-house staff in many restaurants are, well, illegal… no more staying in hotels, or hiring laborers at Home Depot, or going to a carwash (because you never know), or having domestic help, or having your gardener work at your house (again, you never know)… or whatever.

    so all this work is done by illegal immigrants? that’s funny. maybe you should take a trip to the east coat or the north east or the northern midwest. i was a landscaper, i washed dishes, i worked in a restaurant, and there aren’t any loitering(which is illegal too)mexicans outside home depot

  24. GM: I entirely agree with your point #3. I never buy the “illegals do work nobody else will” argument that is over used, mostly because I’ve worked as everything from a bar back and busboy to a babysitter and lawn mower.

    But guess what? In almost all of those cases part if not all of my wages were given to me under the table, as happens often in those industries. So, I was no more legal working some of those jobs than many illegal immigrants.

    As for your other points – you understand that in point #1 you generalize millions of people, and then in #2 criticize another poster for generalizing a single organization.

    That said, thanks for sticking around and not kicking us off your RSS feed!

  25. david markland

    the posting was pointing out kenarch’s generalizing in a previous post. 1,2, and 3 are cut and pasted from that posting. those are not my words. even if you’re paid under the table you can still report that income and pay taxes. i’ve done it…and i’m actually doing it this year. then it becomes the employers responsibility to report it. and this goes a lot deeper than just some illegal immigrant working and not paying taxes. come on, you’re smarter than that.

  26. I have to laugh at Bob criticizing people’s reading comprehension. He declares that people with my attitude is “You only defend the criminals, not the victims.” Actually, I said quite clearly that it’s wrong to throw coke cans at people, but that I can understand why someone would want to. I can understand why someone would steal a car too, but that’s far from condoning it. Hell, I can understand why Bush’s first instinct is to lie about everything and abuse the constitution, but I still think he should be impeached.

    Of course “Bob” (if that is indeed his real name), also thinks that it’s merely laziness that keeps young Mexicans from becoming doctors, engineers and nurses. Which indicates that he both knows nothing about the opportunities that the people who enter this country have available to them for education and has never actually worked with them.

    I had a truck of furniture and boxes from a move unloaded by a couple guys from Home Depot a few years back. I didn’t ask for papers, but based on the fact that they spoke limited English but were fluent in Spanish, I’ll assume that they were of Latin American origin. They worked very hard and got that truck unloaded awfully quickly. Faster, in fact, than the professional movers that I hired in my last move. If you’ve ever hired the guys who stand around at home depot to work, you’ll find that laziness is not one of their vices.

  27. GM…

    Well, the mud becomes a little thicker. Assuming that the oft-given estimate of 12 million illegal immigrants in the US is accurate, if “the vast majority of them” were committing crimes or causing trouble, we would have a far larger crime problem in this troubled land than we do. I’m not going to go off on some silly research kick to back that up. It’s common sense. That’s a whole heckuva lot of people. Assuming most criminals eventually get caught, and the DOJ stated that at year end 2005 there were about 1.5 million people in prison (most serving fairly long terms), it seems obvious that having a vast majority of 12 million people committing crimes (or causing trouble as I put it) would result in a big spike in prison populations. Even good ol’ Pete Wilson publicly stated that 1 in 5 prisoners in the US are here illegally – which translates into 20%, or 300,000 prisoners. A big problem? Certainly. But not a vast majority. So, I hold forth my point… that the vast majority of those here illegally have not committed crimes (other than entering the country illegally).

    As for generalizing an entire organization… thanks for the credit, GM, but they have done it themselves.

    In regards to the work (picking strawberries, trolling for day jobs in front of Home Depot, etc) – well, I was making a very specific point about how one might avoid supporting the circumstances that encourage illegal immigration… I said nothing about whether illegals are the only people who do that work. I made no opinionated point about that work or those who might or might not do it.

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