Sweatin’ Bullets: No Rain

beeman.jpgTaken at the intersection of Hyperion and Sunset in Silverlake, photographer Johnny Nissan says his subject is usually “attired in nothing but his blades and a pair of truly brutal daisy dukes. But since it was such a fantastic day, he clearly felt compelled to don his bee costume.”

Mark Evanier bumps into a lady starstruck after spotting John Candy at CVS. She tells Mark he’s “her favorite actor in the world”. Mark recognized the man as actually being Andy Richter, and broke the news to the lady who walked away, crushed.

On March 6th, Shane Nickerson promised to blog once a day for 30 days, and so far has been doing a kick ass job. Highlights include his temptation to perform “I’d Really Love To See You Tonite” at a friend’s wedding, an homage to the recently deceased Brad Delp of the band “Boston”, and wrassling with moving from Redondo to (ack) the Valley.

Dear Old Hollywood reminisces about the time Laurel and Hardy reminisced on This Is Your Life, shot in part at the original El Capitan Theatre… now known as the Avalon at 1735 N. Vine Street.

Congrats to Claire at Life in LA on celebrating 90 days of sobriety. Leave it to a blogger to ignore the Anonymous part of AA.

Sign of the apocalypse? Conservative blogger Patterico meets Martini Republic’s Joseph Mailander and finds out he’s not a bad guy.

In support of the American Diabetes Alert Day on Tuesday, the LA Fire Department is encouraging everyone to take an easy online test to determine your personal diabetes risk. (thanks Brian Humphrey!)

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