Scattering ashes on the 405?


So if you’re like me, you’re going to get cremated when you die. But what to do with the ashes? According to the California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau’s “Cremated Remains Disposers Booklet” you can have a pilot toss them into a cloud or a ship captain drop them into the sea. But what if you really love cars and/or California highways? Perhaps you could deposit your cremation remains, or “cremains,” into the gas tank and have them blown out of the exhaust pipe on your favorite road. Is this possible? Legally: Probably not. Physically: I wasn’t sure. So I sent my question to the Car Talk guys on NPR and they answered it on Saturday’s show. Short answer: it won’t get past the fuel filter. Long answer: here. Yeah, admit it, you wonder about these things too.

10 thoughts on “Scattering ashes on the 405?”

  1. Agree that it might mess up the car. On the legality front, you probably would be violating some type of law by scattering your ashes in such close proximity to other people. My site has tips for planning disposition of “cremains”. Submitted for your consideration:

  2. You could probably have yourself rendered into a biofuel and put into a diesel vehicle. (Depending on how fat your are.) That, of course, wouldn’t account for all of your remains and you’d probably still need to cremate the rest of it.

  3. A guy from one of my Civil War reenacting clubs had his cremains shot out of a cannon….with a good portion of it drifting back into the faces of his pards a la Jeff Lebowski.

    Now *that’s* what I call a send off.

  4. Cremation wastes too much of our vital energy supplies that would be better used in the war effort. The best thing to do is have your corpse laid out in the National Forest, put up a sign written in coyote that sez “Free Lunch”, and let nature work its magic!

  5. I seem to remember that there are only two things allowed to spill on California highways: clear water and poultry feathers.

  6. Yup, SPUNSLPS, yer right:

    “23114. (a) A vehicle may not be driven or moved on any highway
    unless the vehicle is so constructed, covered, or loaded as to
    prevent any of its contents or load other than clear water or
    feathers from live birds from dropping, sifting, leaking, blowing,
    spilling, or otherwise escaping from the vehicle.”

    This is a very handy link for such things:
    Find California Code

    You could have your ashes can be dusted onto the feathers of chickens, then attach them to a ski-rack by their feet and drive around… that _may_ be legal… but I think the chickens would feel very un-dignified!

  7. Ha! I was totally telling people about that water/chicken feather allowance this weekend – and got a lot of crap in return. Thanks for the code cite. Very helpful for my next road trip.

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