Michael Meyers Hearts Snow White

My friend Christina tells me that last Friday she took her eight year old godson to see the costumed characters on Hollywood Blvd., and came away with this shocker:

The costumed Michael Meyers was doing his usual schtick (Christina calls it “genius”) of standing still and then jumping out at passersby, frightening the bejeezers out of them. Christina watched a couple times, then noticed him stop and slink around a corner as Snow White herself was descending a staircase from Hollywood & Highland.

Thinking he was going to jump out at her, Christina took a peek and instead caught an eyeful: Meyer’s with his mask pulled up, sucking face with the virginal Ms. White.

After the kiss, Meyer’s handed White a five dollar bill and asked her to grab him a double cheeseburger.

No word yet how this will effect the delicate psyche of Christina’s young godson.

4 thoughts on “Michael Meyers Hearts Snow White”

  1. Elvis and Marilyn lived at the French Cottage, or nearby, (it’s closed now) for a long time. I actually live in the apartment building right behind it. I used to see them walking their dogs on a regular basis. They’re a very nice couple. Seeing them used to make me glad to live in this neighborhood.

  2. When I say Genius I mean GENIUS!! Why? Several of the costumed Super Heroes on the boulevard just don’t give it their all. This is wrong people, it’s Hollywood !! And what the awesome Mr. Myers does is make that Boulevard rock and roll with his genius talent..go MM and thanks for the memories!!

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