Downtown News Chimes in on Filming Brouhaha

A little slow to the party, but LA Downtown News expands on the story that eecue covered last week:

The final straw came March 18, when a helicopter used for a Verizon commercial hovered above the Historic Core between 11 p.m. and midnight. Residents complained on various blogs and the frustration swelled.

Complete with quotes from downtown notables like Bert Green. Is this the part where I get to say “I told you so?”

2 thoughts on “Downtown News Chimes in on Filming Brouhaha”

  1. Just curious, but I presume FilmLA gets funded for coordinating all those permits needed by the production company’s. If this is the case then where is their incentive to do anything to discourage a production company if it means less income. Maybe the residents need to force some oversight into the process by having members on that board reviewing everything being permitted with some veto power? Good luck with this one as when it comes to money those that have it do what they can to keep it coming in.

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