“Take Me To Ontario” – For $448 One Way

When I told you what I wanted to know
You said “take me to Ontario”
When I asked you, “why Ontario? ”
You said, “it sounds good on the radio” — go!

(The Posies, “Ontario”)

Fun fact of the day: it costs $448 one way to go from LAX to Ontario – if the ticket is purchased separately. That’s just about $7.47 a mile to fly the 60mi to San Bernadino, on one of five daily flights.

I couldn’t believe this, so I checked it on Travelocity – and, except for a web only $181 special, it is actually that much. The roundtrip is a comparative bargain at $468.

According to the Whittier Daily News though, if you’re taking that extra leg of a flight as part of a longer flight, it’s usually only a $29- $49 add on. Which makes a lot of sense. I’m actually surprised it’s even that much, that there isn’t some sort of incentive to the airlines to use the Ontario connections to draw more people away from having to drive or transport themselves in and out of LAX. Free connector flight if you just won’t clog up the 405!

5 thoughts on ““Take Me To Ontario” – For $448 One Way”

  1. Wow. Just wow. You’d think they’d have some planes they’d want to fill up on the cheap, yeah?

  2. I’m often frustrated by this. I fly to Pittsburgh a few times a year, but it’s cheaper sometimes to book a flight to Youngstown, OH. Which connects through Pittsburgh. A RT flight to Youngstown might be $400, but a trip to Pittsburgh is $600. And don’t dare by the Youngstown trip and not use that leg. They’ll cancel your whole trip.

  3. My classic along these lines was Christmas 1990, flying ONT to ORD (Chicago). The cheapest fare routed me ONT-Orange County-Dallas-ORD. I got to the OC and the next leg was canceled because of snow in TEXAS. The airline put me in a complementary taxi to LAX to fly direct to Chicago. It’s not often that you can hit THREE L.A. airports in a single trip.

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