Small Turnout for Minutemen / CAB Protest

More Police Than Protesters

The notification on the DLANC mailing list said the CAB protest was expecting 200 protesters and 200,000 spectators. I laughed when I read that and responded that I figured it would be more like 200 of each. I walked down to Broadway to check it out and as it turns out, 200 was probably a bit of a high estimate. There were roughly 100 protesters, surrounded by close to 200 police officers. The spectators maybe numbered 100 people, who were shouting and laughing and the very serious and likely racist group of mostly minutemen, with a few CAB folks thrown in for good measure.

Ted Hayes started the CAB, which stands for Crispus Attucks Brigade and according to their website their mission is to:

move American Blacks peoples to take their rightful and dutiful role to stop illegal immigration into the United States of America

Despite the racist placards the protesters were carrying:

The Minute Man Project is not racist, even as American Blacks citizens and the Crispus Attucks Brigade is not racist against the Brown/Bronze Indio Indigenous peoples of Mexico and Central America.

More photos can be found here.

8 thoughts on “Small Turnout for Minutemen / CAB Protest”

  1. I also saw the rally notification on the DLANC mailing list and chuckled at the estimates.

    Thanks for posting about the reality and the cool pic.

  2. I accidentally ran into their march last year, only one side of Broadway had been blocked and we were driving down the other, wondering what the hell was going on. Once we saw Ted Hayes we figured it out, and the shouting began! There were more weekend shoppers walking the sidewalks than there were protesters, it was quite funny.

  3. Eecue: Please explain in detail how the sign is “racist”.

    Bonus: please detail your knowledge of the origins of the 14th amendment.

  4. Eecue has always been and will continue to be a reconquista apologist. Forget any rational explanation let alone common sense from him. Mara Salvatrucha are just folks “tryin’ to earn a livin'” and “doing jobs Americans won’t do.”

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