New Places Visited Roundup

The fiance and I are still exploring what we have within a few miles of our own home here in SiFi. So yesterday, we visited some new places, in the course of an orbit of errands. Now, I have discovered a gelato addiction, re-discovered an excellent restaurant, and found a new place to watch bad karaoke – all within a few minutes of my new-ish home. My neighborhood location, while unnameable, rules.

3:35PM: Pazzo Gelato (3827 Sunset Blvd.; run a Google to see a bevy of reviews) I love gelato. Really. I do. The problem is, I don’t eat processed sugar, so when I do eat more than a few bites of something with real sugar (not fruit-sweetened, or honey, or Splenda), it goes straight to my head until I crash. But Pazzo Gelato has sugar free dark chocolate gelato. And many other flavors. I got a scoop of regular pistachio espresso, and a scoop of the sugar free chocolate. Two decent sized scoops are a “small”, and only $3.50. Both flavors were unbelievably good, and having it half sugar free made it not only tasty, but just perfect for me to not get all jittery. Their gelatos are made with organic milk, too, and include many other espresso-based flavors, so I’m now demanding daily trips on weekends until I work through the almond espresso, vanilla espresso, etc.

7:20PM: Cha Cha Cha (Melrose/Virgil, We’d driven past this bright pink tiki hut restaurant many times on the way to Trader Joe’s in Los Feliz. This was just our first chance to actually eat there. I’d been to the WeHo location, so I was well aware of the magical spiciness of the jerk chicken, which is what I ordered without hesitation. The fiance had the chicken and sausage paella. I had, however, forgotten just how huge the portions are – despite the extreme tastiness resulting from just the right mixes of spices on everything, both of us took leftovers home. And on the way out, around 8pm, the line was out the door, so if you’re going to go on a whim, time it for earlier, and call ahead.

10:05PM: Brass Monkey, K-Town (Wilshire/Mariposa) This karaoke bar is in the bottom of an office building, in a pedestrian plaza. So it’s a total surprise to walk into the wood lined bar and slanted ceilings of some kind of 70s ski lodge turned (crowded!) karaoke bar. This wasn’t necessarily a Korean karaoke bar though – this could have been anywhere in the city, right down to the Family Guy posters on the wall. In fact, I heard that Seth MacFarlane from the show got up and did a song right after I was frightened back down to BarCamp by a PAINFUL rendition of Ebony and Ivory. I’m a big fan of the bad karaoke when I’ve been drinking heavily, and when I lived in West L.A., that was always at Liquid Kitty on Pico. However, now that I live much further from the Kitty, I needed a new place to go with my karaoke-loving pals, if only to convince them that they do NOT need to go to Sardos (non-porn-star nights only). Perhaps Brass Monkey could be that place – provided there is a moratorium on fratboys singing Michael Jackson.

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  1. I’ve never had Pazzo’s gelato, but I love their sorbets. I have no idea if they have added sugar or if they’re just fruit juice.

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