Fargo Street Hill Climb: Take One

I’m not one to make excuses, and in fact I may not have made it up to the tippy top of Fargo Street this morning even if the gentleman I’m approaching hadn’t ever been born. Nevertheless in the quick vidclip below you’ll see him stopped perpindicular to the curb after aborting his attempt during the annual cycling event up one of the steepest streets in Los Angeles. And in doing so not only has he opted to block the course (and my path up it) in one of the most egregious ways, but he’s also decided there was no need to get the fuck out of my way. Thus he got in my way and thus I didn’t make it to the top. Or at least a few more feet past him.

I tried a second time and with no human obstacles I made it a few feet farther, but lost my balance on a cut back and stopped. I won’t be showing that video because I literally start crying because I suck at failure and handling it. At least in this clip bove I maintain my decorum, emotions and composure. Just barely.

See you next year Fargo Street, you bastard.

8 thoughts on “Fargo Street Hill Climb: Take One”

  1. I won’t be showing that video because I literally start crying because I suck at failure and handling it.

    Relax, it’s only a hill.

  2. Jerry,

    I’ll take your advice for the good mantra it might be to chant as one attempts to get to the top of the hill. But it actually comes off as a trite dismissal of my frustrated emotions in failing to overcome this obstacle challenge for the second consecutive year.

  3. Will…

    Some of us never even get on the bike!

    You are an inspiration — top of the hill or not!

  4. I didn’t even get out of my pajamas to come and see you attempt your climb, so you rock no matter what. And I can completely understand the frustration! Don’t give up.

    Makes me think of people who climb Everest but don’t actually summit. They get to within a few hundred meters and have to turn back to stay alive. I still think that counts as a hell of an accomplishment. And yours does too.

  5. Damn. Why didn’t anyone post that this Fargo run was coming up? Watched it last year and it was awesome. Were those old dudes there going up 20+ times again?

    That sucks he just fuckin’ sat there in your way.

  6. Hey there ATC… it was probably too little too late but I did post a heads-up here on Blogging.la of the Fargo Street Hill Climb this last Friday.

    I couldn’t hang around but it’s my understanding that the 61-62 year old guy who is the record holder (after climbing it 50 times last year) was still going strong in the afternoon with 40 climbs and counting. I don’t know yet if he broke his own record or if someone else did.

  7. I was there yesterday and it was a fun day. It turns out the “old guys” (as someone above put it) ended up shattering last years record of 50 times up. For 2007, the top 3 were 70 times, 82 times and the winner actually completed 90 runs to the top. I’m sure the LA Wheelmen site will have some photo’s and a report about it up soon……

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