Adultcon 12…


Pictured: An unidentified dancer @ the Spearmint Rhino booth

Adultcon 12, billed as “…the only convention in the world dedicated to meeting Adult entertainers in person” started on Friday and continues through Sunday at the LA Convention Center.

I’ve had a weird love-hate relationship in the past with Adultcon because of the retardedly-expensive price of admission and its poor organization. I’ve also heard from multiple sources about the fact that its organizer is a major asshole. And yet, the lines to gain entry been especially long as of the past few editions of this convention, so their publicity department must be doing something right.

So against my better judgement, I checked out it out on Saturday to see if things had changed.

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After paying for parking ($12.00), and spending about an hour in line (which at its peak, snaked outside of the convention center and along the west side of Staples Center to Figueroa) to buy a ticket ($35.00) and to get cleared by security, I finally made it into South Hall.

And within five minutes of walking around the convention floor and assessing the situation, I was bored. The amusement I’ve had in the past when it comes to seeing other guys, in a state of sensory overload, frantically photographing and videotaping the pornstars in front of them, was absent. And then there was the obnoxious house DJ, blasting music at such a eardrum-piercing level to try and keep the energy in the air flowing, that I was thankful I had my earplugs handy.

Thankfully, (and what ultimately made my experience worthwhile), there was Adultcon’s last saving grace: the strip club booths (which Erotica LA banned as of last year, perhaps to cater to a more mainstream audience), with the largest one belonging to the Spearmint Rhino.

The funny thing is that the Rhino DJ kept playing this virtual tug-of-war with the crowd by urging them to check out one of their strippers dancing on their mini-stage, but if they didn’t tip the rail surrounding the stage, he’d cut the show short, and the crowd would dissipate, only to reemerge when another dancer hit the stage.

There have also been instances at past Erotica LA conventions when the Rhino would ban photography and videotaping of their strippers dancing onstage at their booth (which meant that there was no crowd), but this wasn’t the case with Adultcon. So enjoy the photos.

More photos from the convention, courtesy of Karl Polverino.