Surf Report – March 23 – get low get low get low


Low tide today. Really low. It had hydraulics and white wall tires. It entered a competition and won and is now on the cover of a glossy magazine with a woman in a bikini posing on top of it. There were a lot of people out this morning. Lots of longboards. The waves were mostly closeouts, but there was a nice corner coming off the jetty. There was also a sea lion who kept popping his head up like a Whack-A-Mole. It was terrifying.

(Photo reposted with all that permission from Swellmagnet)

3 thoughts on “Surf Report – March 23 – get low get low get low”

  1. That sea lion (or seal?) cruised by me slowly the other morning. I felt safe because chances are he’d get eaten first by the predators.

  2. Seal, sea lion, SeaWolf with Dennis Quaid. They’re all the same thing. Was it a seal? Do we even have Sea Lions in Los Angeles?

  3. Sanjay: yes, we do. I got a moron handyman fired at MDR’s Marina Harbor Apartments for clobbering one with a wheelbarrow to move him off a dock. I videotaped the incident and gave a DVD to the complex management. Punk showed up the next day with his lawyer and left shortly after with his tail between his legs. It’s a Federal crime to harrass the sea lions.

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