Robotic RPS and other geek stuff this weekend

rpshand.jpgI stopped by Machine Project on my way home from Barcamp#3 prep at Little Radio this afternoon and got to see the RPS (rock, paper, scissors) robot in action. It’s totally cool! With the click of a button the robotic hand changes from rock, to paper, to scissors. Check out the photo over there!

I’m totally bummed that I can’t make the rumble, but that’s only because I’ll be running BarcampLA3 the whole weekend. We’re going to be doing our own version of powerpoint Karaoke and offering Web 2.0 inoculations in addition to tons of great presentations. If you’re part of the geekterati come on down.

Oh and to kick it all off – I’m hitting Machine Projects talk on computer demystification tonight.

* photo snagged from Machine Project