4 thoughts on “Required Reading for Red Lights”

  1. 1. The sign for the obedient wife also asks for “grandes chichi’s”, aka big tits. Someone ought to spam that fool.

    2. If you’re homeless and hungry, get off your pda, sell it, and buy some tacos. Problem solved.

    What a crazy picture!

  2. Great catch!

    Either “must – to inhale – to grandes chichi’s” means the pig’s looking for a smoker with large breasts or he’s looking for an amply endowed woman who’ll allow him to breath all over them.

    Whichever: FREAK!

  3. lmao…I thought “must – to inhale – to grandes chichi’s” meant he wanted to bury his face so far into them he can’t breath….sorta snuff film in action. And what, no one was offended by this but a billboard for a movie got so many panties in a knot. Go figure.

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