LAX TSA: Stealing your stuff makes you safer

Yesterday a story broke about some TSA employees being accused of theft at LAX. As a frequent traveler who converses often with other frequent travelers, I have heard stories of theft before, but complaints that have been filed with the TSA never seem to get responses, or if they do, it’s somewhere along the lines of “we can’t possibly know that it was a TSA person who took the item, so you’re pretty much screwed“. (Paraphrased, of course.) In this particular case, the ruckus being made about the stolen items seems include items that were stolen from Paris Hilton. (I thought maybe it was her underwear that got stolen, which would explain some things, but it was an expensive watch.)

Notwithstanding the annoying fact that it takes a celebrity or person with some power or influence to get these kinds of things noticed, it’s about freaking time that law enforcement started to take notice of these thefts. The flying public is already forced to undergo invasive searches and ridiculous restrictions in what they can take on board, and now they are being subjected to theft by the very people who are supposed to be making their travel “safe”.

The eight workers who are accused in this case have already been dismissed from their jobs, but why were thieves allowed to be employed by the TSA in the first place? The TSA claims it is trying to crack down on theft by employees, but I’m appalled that it even happened in the first place. If the TSA is hiring untrustworthy employees, what does that say about them?

6 thoughts on “LAX TSA: Stealing your stuff makes you safer”

  1. I was wondering how long before this happened and made the news. Oddly it took longer than expected. Really reassuring since I have to go through LAX in 2 weeks. First no baggies now my bling is gone how much lower can they go?

  2. This is precisely why I do not check bags. I had to check them during the beginning of the War on Moisture when the TSA did not allow any liquids through security, and I did have my bag searched once. Fortunately nothing was missing, but that’s probably also due to the fact that I never put anything of value in my bags if I am forced to check them.

    Except my underwear, of course, which goes for like $300+ a pop on eBay.

  3. lol…to save room for souvenirs I never bring back my dirty underwear and socks…and it gives something for the maids to talk about as well. If they wanna sell my tighty whities on ebay they are welcome to go for it. Believe in helping out 3rd world countries and its citizens every chance I get.

  4. For what it’s worth I just made it through LAX unscathed, but not without spending the week before I left obsessively researching the costs of FedExing the bags – OUTRAGEOUS by the way.

    In the end I decided to hold my nose and take my chances. This time I was fine, but I was careful not to pack anything of any percieved value.

    They still allow you one carry-on bag plus one “personal item” which is either your purse or a laptop case or whatever you want to use to hold stuff. Fill them with diamonds and Rolexes, I say, and never let them leave your sight.

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