Do I look punk to you?

wiltern.jpgMy husband and I were in the middle of making dinner when we discovered we’d forgotten to buy onions. I drove over to the Ralphs by the Wiltern and pulled into their shared parking lot. Now, I should point out that while it is one structure, the Wiltern has its own entrance and entirely separate levels. I pulled into the Ralphs part, which is also parking for Hollywood Video and Denny’s.

The ground level was full so I pulled up to the second level. I heard the attendant tell the car ahead of me, “One hour parking.” I rolled down my window and asked if that level was Ralphs parking. The attendant suddenly got an attitude. He looked me over, sneered, and said, “One hour only.” I said I was going to Ralphs (which, by the way, allows for TWO hour parking, but that is irrelevant). He said sure I was, and reiterated that I could only park for an hour. I said fine and parked my car. On my way into the store I stopped and told him that there was no reason to be so rude.

I was waiting in the Express checkout when it hit me: he thought I was going to the ANTI FLAG show. Me. An urban mom in khakis and an argyle sweater. Who hasn’t brushed her hair in three days. Uh-huh.

I’ve been laughing about it for about three hours. I mean, what? Seriously?

Anti Flag sucks!

(Splendid photo of the Wiltern by Clinton Steeds on Flickr.)

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