Ready for your closeup?

You better be, warns this video: anyone who steps into Hollywood is guaranteed to be on camera. On any one of the vast array of public surveillance camera’s, that is, many of which are being monitored by the LAPD:

“Lights, Camera, Fascism” by YouTube member “winstonsmithhbb” definitely makes a case to be concerned about Big Brother’s presence in Los Angeles, and promises to be only part one in a weekly series.

…h/t Good Will Hinton

6 thoughts on “Ready for your closeup?”

  1. The video is a bit melodramatic and cutesy. It doesn’t bother me in the least to have the cameras there. If someone’s going to get their jollies watching a hundred sweaty tourist stroll by in August more power to them. I could care less if they are watching me, I’m not doing anything so no worries. If the odd crime is caught live and the suspect apprehended where the harm?
    The pisser is that it is costing a ton of money better put to upgrading existing patrol units and adding more cops on the street. Thats where the money needs to be spent.
    Then again the shades of clockwork orange do raise a few flags….

  2. How much expectation of privacy does one have on a public thoroughfare in the first place? How is having cameras any more invasive than having officers on hand to observe?

  3. most of the hollywood kids i know are THRILLED. most likely the brother of some LA cop’s wife’s great uncle’s third cousin’s grand-nephew is a receptionist at a studio, and when the cop sees the magnetism of said-hollywood-kid(s) walking down the street and mentions it in coversation at the next family reunion, the grand-nephew will just happen to overhear, clamour for the tape, and the future will be *in the stars*

    blah. who cares? maybe some of these cameras captured the true events of the whole hollywood-stabbing that’s being debated. that would probably be helpful. and i dunno a.b a knife, but i def. always carry pepper-spray in hollywood…

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