Late 90’s Hipster Clusterfuck Alert

I won’t be there. I’ll be at the show at Bedlam Gallery: Bedlam Arts, 1275 E. Sixth Street, downtown L.A. 90021.

But if you like totally annoying scenes, you could to to the Echo.

If you come to Bedlam, though, you can have my five-layer red velvet cake, my mac’n’cheese, and my stunningly delish Waldorf salad. There will also be a jello mold.

Hmm? What? You mean you want to know what else will be there besides food? Oh, featured performances include: the invocation of Zuckerman the Potato King (Kim Cooper and Kelly Kuvo); A. Victor Segno, Mentalist with
Beautiful Hair(Larry Harnisch); life in 1907 L.A. (George Garrigues); song stylings (Miss Figueroa Daguerre, nee Bella Beretta); George Ade’s “Fables In Slang” (Brooke Alberts); J. Stuart Blackton’s comic short film “The Starving Artist, or: Realism in Art”(American Vitagraph Company, 1907, live accompaniment by Laura Steenberge, presented by Ross Lipman); fortunes told (Madame Pamita); and the lovely Miss Janet Klein accompanied by Tom Marion revealing the next secret year to be blogged at 1947project, in song and patter.

Or you could go stand in line at the Echo and not get in. ;)


One thought on “Late 90’s Hipster Clusterfuck Alert”

  1. i’m told beck is already sold out, but i’m sure if you creep in the hood then line up at 6 you can scam in. or you cut your hand off. that’d be about as much fun.

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