7 thoughts on “I”

  1. Don’t let that get in the way Beo. I lucked out and met Miki a couple Midnight Ridazz ago and I was all set for a hand shake and a how-do-ya-do and instead she threw her arms around my shoulders and gave me a big ol’ hug. She’s the bomb!

  2. Heather – I wasn’t at that dinner, and Crystal didn’t mention it when she IM’d me the link so if there’s missing credit you might want to talk to her about it directly.

  3. I didn’t know it was going to get blogged at the time. :-) But yes, my fault. These are, officially, the LA Geek Dinner 1 yr Anniversary Commemorative Shirts. There’s the full “tour schedule” on the back. :-) Thanks for the correction!

  4. Aw shucks. Let’s clarify on thing though – talk to Crystal, not to me. I mean I’m happy to talk to anyone just ya know, not about buying Crystal’s awesome t-shirts. She can handle that. :)

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