Have you been to the EXPLX yet?

Here’s the thing, my rock show recommendation record has been pretty dismal this week, so I’m not going to talk about any rock shows or anything. No. I’m gonna talk about a rock show venue. Have you guys been to the newly opened EXPLX underneath the Echo yet?

Holy Crap.

Seriously. I think it might be the best venue on the “East side.” It’s HUGE. It’s got ample seating away from the stage, ample room by the stage, two bars, a friendly staff and it is HUGE and awesome. I rolled in there for the first time last night to see the Besnard Lakes and was, quite literally, awestruck. Not by the band, but by the venue! I wanna go to shows here ALL THE TIME now. It makes going to shows so much easier when the venue is easy to get to, easy to park at and as nice as this one is. In the abortion that was my recommendation to see a show that wasn’t actually happening I mentioned the EXPLX and RPS 5 going down this weekend (it is actually happening! I swear!). I’m only more angry that I’ll be out of town now, the venue is out of hand. Has anyone else been there? Does anyone dare disagree? I will bite you.

6 thoughts on “Have you been to the EXPLX yet?”

  1. Yeah that place is pretty darn huge but the only time I saw a show there was back in May 2006 and besides the stage there was only a propped up table selling can beer and the front/back/? room still closed off so we entering through the alley.

    Sounds like it’s time to revisit the explx…but doesn’t there seem to be a glut of venues already?

  2. a glut of good venues?

    you’re talking about LA, right?

    glut would be the last word i used to describe the paltry number of venues in this town.

  3. venues in general – there are plenty of rooms from that can hold 200-500 people and not enough touring acts to fill them. True there are few good venues when weighing in sound, bookers/promoters who consistently bring in small acts, etc.

  4. GUYS THAT WATCH YOU PEE?! I hate that…i didn’t pee there but that is totallly unacceptable. Ugh.

  5. overall, i like the ex-plex.

    * relatively easy parking
    * big place
    * nice bathrooms (the bathroom guy didn’t bother me)
    * the bars and bartenders
    * a lot of nice benches in the back half to hang out and chat if so desired.

    * the spinning mirrorball-type lights by the front of the stage. cmon guys, that shit is annoying.
    * i saw rosie thomas and el perro del mar there last week, and i suppose since it was considered a “quiet” show they put a bunch of benches on the main floor space in front of the stage. totally friggin annoying! fortunately, at the besnard / DOP / helio show on thursday night these benches were kept in the back where they belong.

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