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LAX is trying to reduce congestion. And one of those methods is the FlyAway buses, from Van Nuys and Union Station. This is a big blue bus (above) that, for $3 each way, drops you at your gate at LAX (a bargain that caused one Valley resident disbelief upon her fare inquiry). This works quite nicely when you live, as we do, within walking distance of a Metro station. Especially until March 31st, when, in celebration of the one-year anniversary of the Flyaway Bus, transit users ride for free.

The fiance and I took the FlyAway this weekend to LAX on our way to an extended weekend in New Orleans and were extremely happy with it. We walked the half-mile or so up to the Red Line station, hopped the train downtown, and caught the bus. Savings: $41.50, based on what we would have paid to park in Lot C for five days. Total time: less than one hour. Which, as the fiance remarked, was a hell of a lot faster than the two and a half hours he used to spend catching the Aviation Station bus to the Green Line to the Blue Line.

I know Burbank Airport looks out for you – but if you are taking the LAX route out of town, at least there’s a viable transit option now. Now, if only our transit system wasn’t so top secret, maybe people could find it to take it to get the free fare?

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  1. What? This seems like a mythical creature. When I’ve taken a bus from Union Station, it’s been a proper MTA bus. Which took about 3 hours from downtown to LAX. Maybe this should be publicized more as I fly every single week (No really, I have over 100 flights a year) and I’ve never heard of it.

    Of course, I’d rather fly out of Burbank. For comfort and ease.

  2. Another great secret for LAX travel is to park at the park & ride at the end of the Green Line in Norwalk and take the green line to the LAX stop and the free shuttle the rest of the way to the gate. It’s not the most convenient approach, but it’s cheap (free parking, $1.25 each way).

  3. I just took the FlyAway from Union Station and it was great! Even for the $3 fare it was well worth it. Dropped me off right in front of the terminal and I didn’t need to bother anyone for a ride to LAX.

  4. Thanks for the tip! I’d much rather pick up out-of-town guests at Union Station than LAX (I don’t think I’ll ask my MIL to take the subway the rest of the way).

  5. Ooooo free! I’ll definitely be taking this thing next week to the airport, not to catch a flight, but to then take the shuttle back that Don mentions above to the Green Line stop at Aviation Blvd for a half-block walk to work.

  6. I also did fly away over this past christmas and will never drive to LAX again.
    I live next to a red line so it was so friggin easy.
    Jump on jump Off unbelievbly easy.

  7. sigh….too bad LAX forgets that the San Gabriel Valley is part of LA and come up with some freebies with us. I certainly would do anything to avoid the drive and parking hassles down there when I can’t use Burbank Airport. Until then I’ll continue to use my pal shane at Lady Limosine service ( to get me in and out of LAX. Travelling with the fam and not wanting to deal with parking and shuttle hell down there he is worth his wait in gold.

  8. Well, for right now, Frazgo can go to LAX for free. The Silver Streak (also free throughout March) stops at the MWD bus pad outside of Union Station. Walk the 4.5 miles through the Union Station tunnel to the Gateway Transit Center and take your free FlyAway bus.

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