Best Bar In Town?

Hey LA Times Weekly Style Council, I’m calling you out!

Recently the ladies of the Style Council threw down with their super-secret insider knowledge on the coolest bar in town but refused to share where it was!

How often is it in LA that you find a bar where everyone really does know your name? Or more to the point, a bar where everyone cares what your name is, and will remember it for more than five minutes?
Not often. And that’s why I’m not going to tell you where this one is.¬†¬†I’m selfish like that.

Well, I don’t wanna be a dick or anything, but I know what bar you’re talking about. Any bar that rocks it Guitar Hero-style on Wednesday nights is my kind of place.

5 thoughts on “Best Bar In Town?”

  1. Holy fucking annoying. Writing a column about how she’s not going to tell us something? That’s the heights of douchebaggery.

    Thanks for keeping ’em in Check BH.

  2. 1941 Hyperion, for fuck’s sake.
    Exclusivity pisses me off.
    Although it is a fabulous little hole in the wall.
    Me: “Do you have any diet coke?”
    Them: “Uhmmmm…no, sorry.”
    Me: “OK, how about water?”
    Them: “Um…I think we have tap water.”
    Me: “That’s cool.”

  3. bring back the debauchery that was CUFFS.
    such a “friendly “place it was…..
    nothing like it any more, so sad. :(

  4. For the Style Council’s next elitest trick they’re gonna write about not telling us about someplace without and then they’re not going to even publish it. Selfish bratches!

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