Offshore Report (March 21)

dolphinicon.gifThere were TONS of whales out over the weekend. I may have said that last week was the peak of the northbound migration, but the recent numbers say otherwise. 154 whales in the past week. Though there are more daylight hours for observation, late afternoon fog has made spotting less than optimal.

dolphinicon.gifFin Whales are still being spotted in the area. Humpback Whales are being spotted in the Channel Islands (a few weeks early this year).

dolphinicon.gifThis Saturday is the American Cetacean Society LA Chapter’s Annual Ultimate Whale Watch trip. It’s a full day on the Monte Carlo (departing at 8AM returning at 5PM) and going anywhere and everywhere (the west end of Catalina, for starters). Tickets are still available for this trip that’s led by multiple naturalists and excellent spotters. Tickets are $60. See more here.

dolphinicon.gifIf a full day trip is too much for you, I’ll be going out on Redondo Sportfishing’s Voyager on the Saturday afternoon boat at 1:30 PM. The weather looks VERY good. Only two more weekends left after this!

(There are lots of other boats, too, not just these two. Get out there!)