No more Hollywood Christmas Parades

Last year’s 75th Hollywood Christmas Parade was its last, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has announced, citing rising costs and shrinking revenues.

Hollywood cheerleader/City Councilman Tom LaBonge told the LA Times he was heartbroken. “I saw it as a child and as a teenager. I went as a young father and now as an official I’ve ridden in that parade.”

Both he and Council President Eric Garcetti hope another special event could be developed to replace the parade.

My suggestion? Set aside one month of the year for a moratorium on special events that could close off Hollywood Blvd. That would be special. That would be an event.

But I’m open to ideas. Anyone?

…source: Bob Pool at the LA Times…photo by actor_photog from the Metroblogging Los Angeles Flickr pool…

6 thoughts on “No more Hollywood Christmas Parades”

  1. What a loss.

    Wait, I meant to write, “who cares”? I’ve lived here my entire life, and I didn’t know anyone that cared about the parade.

  2. it is about time. thank you hollywood chamber of commerce. finally, one less day a year that hollywood gets shut down. parades are way overrated.

  3. My experience with the parade is limited to trying to find parking at my favorite coffee house on parade day. Then watching as they tow away all the cars parked illegally along the parade route. (Certainly that was a large enough income stream to keep the parade going!)

  4. Well I’m just heart broken….saw in the news they claimed they lost 100K with the last one. Its such a nonevent I can’t believe they have hung on to it all these years.

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