High Speed Rail Meeting Tonight

If you’ve ever cruised Japan or Europe and jumped on a high speed train to get you from one city to another, you know how cool they are. Now we may get one for travel between LA and San Francisco. If you want to give input into the planning stages, check out the meeting taking place tonight at the Friendship Auditorium in Griffith Park. This is a ‘pre-scoping’ meeting being held by representatives of California’s High Speed Rail Authority and councilmember Tom Labonge, who is a big supporter of the project. They want your input. It will travel at speeds of 220 mph and once it’s in place will be a great alternative to driving the seven hour slog up and down the state. It starts at 6:30 pm. The location is the Friendship Auditorium, 3201 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles, 90027 in Griffith Park. You can park adjacent to the building.

5 thoughts on “High Speed Rail Meeting Tonight”

  1. I really hope this isn’t another transportation wet dream. Let’s hope this doesn’t become a giant flop just raising money for research like the maglev highspeed from here to Las Vegas that was all the buzz for years. If it’s going to work its going to have to be easy and cheap or it will be doomed to fail. Historically ‘mericans don’t like change that requires effort or costs more.

  2. No, this one’s associated with the California High Speed Rail Authority, the most legit out of all the high-speed proposals.

  3. it might interest you to know that there are “flying” machines
    that can “transport” you to SF. These take much less than 7 hours.

    Also, if you drive faster than 45 mph, you could probably do the trip in about 5 1/2 hrs.

    I once did it in 4 1/2 in a ’79 mercedes 450sl in the middle of the night, but I wouldn’t recommend that. Too expensive watching the gas drop.

  4. Yea Slug, I did it last weekend in 6 hours, but it was still a slog….and yes, I do know about them thar newfangled flyin machines, but sometimes ya gotta drive due to circumstances!

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