Free Latte’s At Priscilla’s

I admit I am an addict and have no power over caffeine for that mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Anyway, that’s why it was with great excitement that I noticed today that Priscella’s in Toluca Lake is giving away free latte’s on Thursday, March 22nd from 8am to 10am. Now usually I don’t hit the caffeine bong until later in the day, but this might be worth getting up for as I’m a sucker for anything free. A GM dealership is sponsoring the giveaway for a new car (I think) they are selling. Priscella’s is a fun hang out and they do have great coffee, especially the vanilla latte’s, which are awesome. I love sitting outside and eavesdropping on all the conversations flying around. Lot’s of moaning and groaning about the business. It’s located at 4150 Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake.

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