Cheeseburger is coming to LA to rock you, dude. (on Saturday, not Thursday)

(NOTE: If one more band that I am pumped about cancels or changes their lineup, I am gonna flip out. No Cheeseburger on Thursday. Definitely Cheeseburger on Saturday. You’re killing me rock bands! Killing me!)

Dude #1: Yo, dude, what are you doing tomorrow night?
Dude #2: I’m totes hitting that hipster night at La Cita, dude, Cheeseburger is playing!
Dude #1: Cheeseburger?
Dude #2: Yeah dude! Cheeseburger is the jam! They’re this dirty rockin’ party band. CHEESEBURGER IS A TIGER!

That is a REAL LIFE conversation I overheard yesterday! It’s true! So, as noted before when I tried to tell you guys about some rock only to have the show CANCELLED on me, I was just at SXSW and saw tons of rock and stuff. I also saw tons of Cheeseburger and I’m telling you, LA, this is some raw and totally fun stuff. The boys at Kemado put out good records and beyond anything else, they know how to have fun. If the shows I saw in Texas are any indication, this show is gonna be a sweaty, dancey mess. In the good way. Cheeseburger will be throwing down this weekend at Partyscammers RPS 5, (FOR REAL) check another video and info after the cut.

I’ll be at La Cita in full-effect. Come dance with me. I’m serious.

(what a mess. sorry.)