Cathy Seipp, 1957-2007

A younger Seipp interviews Bill Blass
(image via Matt Welch)

Cathy Seipp, columnist, journalist, blogger and provocateur extraordinaire, died at 2:05 this afternoon, friend Lewis Fein blogs. She had spent the better part of four years kicking cancer’s ass in much the same way she had done to countless politicos, journalists and the L.A. Times – with a great deal of wit, style, vigor and the occasional soupcon of humility.

In the end, though, the disease won, eventually robbing L.A. of one of its more original, acidic and just-plain-funny pundits at the too-damn-young age of 49. She leaves behind a legacy of pugnacious and intelligent work as well as her family and a wide host of friends, critics and fans.

Services will be held at 10 a.m. Friday at Mt. Sinai Hollywood Hills, 5950 Forest Lawn Drive, Los Angeles. Instead of flowers, Seipp had requested that people make donations to the Humane Society,

In a telling bit of irony, the obit in the Times – the paper she needled with tremendous humor and accuracy in the 90’s in Buzz Magazine – is listed as one of the site’s three most popular stories right now.

7 thoughts on “Cathy Seipp, 1957-2007”

  1. I usually don’t speak ill of the dead…..but Cathy Seipp was really mean. She once spread a vicious untrue rumor about a member of my family and she never once apologized for her cruelty. It was totally uncalled for. She had a lot of enemies and a distinct lack of compassion.

  2. This is the first time I’m aware of an active blogger dying and for that entire process to be blogged. I like her voice in writing and the fact that she didn’t treat blogging as an excuse to put random shit online.

    But it’s her struggle against lung cancer that gets me everytime. She stated her situation matter-of-factly and because she eschewed the Oprah waterworks, it makes her that much more dignified in my eyes.

    Anyways, RIP Cathy.

  3. Who is this “Roseanne” witch who keeps posting negative things all over the web, tainting people’s attempts at mourning/remembering/praying for Cathy? Rosie, either keep it to yourself, or reveal who you are so that people can give you a piece of THEIR mind! And have you been reading these comments about this woman? They are endless! And positive, and heartfelt, and tender, and glowing. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe you have her pegged wrong, despite the one incident you may have been involved in? That perhaps you might have taken something just a tad too personally and that maybe Cathy wasn’t such a terrible person? I hope I don’t see your name on any more of these blogs. Your comments are nothing but selfish and hurtful. Obviously where you are posting is NOT your target audience…we DON’T want to hear it. Just keep your unhappy thoughts (and undoubtedly unhappy life) to YOURSELF. God bless you, Cathy Seipp.

  4. I don’t know who Roseanne is or who Andie is, but personally I don’t appreciate Andie throwing the royal “we” around and apoplectically attacking Roseanne — and rather venomously for having a point of view that goes counter to hers.

  5. Thanks, Will. All I did was point out that Cathy did something very hurtful and destructive to a relative of mine–without showing any remorse. She never apologized.
    She wasn’t a saint. No sense in pretending otherwise. She knew how to stick the knife in when she was pissed off. It’s called being vindictive.

  6. Regardless, “Roseanne”….you could’ve at least waited until her body was cold.

    I think John Edwards is a tard, but I am also willing to put my politcial feelings aside in order to offer a heartfelt prayer towards Elizabeth’s full recovery.

    It’s called being tactful.

  7. It’s also not “tactful” to spread a libelous, ugly and hurtful lie about someone when you’re dying.

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