And Today’s Award For Parking Tard Goes To…

Spotted this particularly offensive curbhog across the street from me this evening and couldn’t resist snapping and posting it here as well as sending it in to

That it’s a Chevy Suburban is problematic enough, but for its operator then to porkpark like so between the driveways rather than pull forward or back up to provide what would be would be more than enough space to accommodate a jackass in another Suburban is just patently worthy of ridicule, derision and scorn.

10 thoughts on “And Today’s Award For Parking Tard Goes To…”

  1. What an asshole. Those kind of drivers irritate me. I can’t stand seeing cars parked that way, sometimes to save the parking spot for another car.

  2. Yannow…the city should really should consider giving out tickets for this sort of knuckleheadedness.

    If it were San Francisco, that car would be set on fire.

    They *really* don’t take kindly to curbhogs.

  3. OMFG…a website dedicated to assholes and how they park. Awesome. Count on me filling it. All kidding aside I have been blogging for a while the assholes who for reasons unknown seem to think the entire world is their personal parking lot and to hell with the rest of us. I never bothered to google to see if there was a site dedicated to it, but now I have one.
    Death to all those turds and how they park, better yet public humiliation. Just a few examples:
    1 Our mayor who parks in the red fire zone to pick up his cleaning and NEVER gets a ticket.
    2. The host of total tards who double park at Carden of the Foothill School to drop their kids off…usually over the crosswalk so the kids at public school have to walk in the street.
    3. The asian witch in the volvo with the plates “I (heart)FLM who is 20 something yet parks in the closest handicapped space at Pavilions and runs into the store…not kidding on the run part.
    4. The tard next door running his wannabe-homeland-security-business and parks his made over wanna-be-cop-car Suburban 1 foot from my driveway effectively preventing me from seeing anything on the street when backing out or even getting into my driveway sometimes.
    I could go on…but these 3 are my biggest peeve and I now have a way to publicly expose their crap. Did I tell you I include the plate clearly?
    Ha…thanks Will!!!!

  4. Hey – that’s what keys are for. No, not to move the car, but to make an ah, ummm, impression on the offending p.o.s. vehicle.

    Yeah, in SF that road hog would be burned… or at least christened with 4 flat tires and a little street art on the side. JUst watch – we’re gonna add another two million people in LA County over the next 20 years – and those things will hapen here as well.

    What a pig!

  5. Maybe a few T lines painted on the street to help people with parking their cars respectfully? Someone did that on our street and a stretch that used to commonly hold three cars now seems to be fitting four cars.

  6. Laura, not sure if you’re looking at me with that comment, or perhaps one of the others who’ve posted responses, but if it is me I can assure you 1) I would always mind, and 2) I would never put myself in a position to be indebted to an unaware and inconsiderate parking tard like that.

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