The Ditty Bops & Jesca Hoop @ The Swedish American Hall…


Pictured: Amanda Barrett and Abby DeWald

On Friday, the LA-based The Ditty Bops (MySpace) and Jesca Hoop (MySpace) concluded their most recent tour with a performance (including a cover of “Lonesome Town”) at the Swedish American Hall inside Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco.

Abby DeWald and Amanda Barrett have been proponents of clean living and a vegan diet, but they’ve also embarked on a new environmental campaign that’s personified by their new (ironic) song “Summer Rains” and their “Paper Or Plastic” musical sketch.

More, including four additional photos from The Swedish American Hall as well as eight photos from McCabe’s Guitar Shop earlier this month, after the jump.


Since January, The Ditty Bops have launched a biweekly comic called The Environmentalist’s Dilemma and formed a nonprofit organization called You and I Save the World, whose first project is a Plastic Reduction Petition (also mentioned at the Santa Monica-based Bring Your Own).

At their performances earlier this month at McCabe’s (fellow environmentalist Daryl Hannah, who hosts a weekly vlog that uses The Ditty Bops’ “There’s a Girl” as its opening, was reportedly in attendance), DeWald and Barrett wore tops made from plastic shopping bags, which was a theme that Hoop herself adopted during the aforementioned tour with a top made of semi-transparent cling wrap.

In San Francisco, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi has proposed a ban on single-use plastic shopping bags that will be voted on this week, and as it so happened, Mirkarimi was present at last Friday’s show, where he presented DeWald and Barrett with a Certificate of Honor from the City of San Francisco in recognition of their pro-environmental stance.

In June, the duo embark on a self-described “farm tour” across the country. As of this writing, it is unknown if they’ll travel via bicycle as they did last summer.

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