Surf Report 3/20 – Kooky Fun Happy Time

Venice was really small this morning. The waves were inverted, so you had to surf upside down underwater. Not comfortable if saltwater singes your nosehair. And it does. At least a buddy was there. We spent our time arguing whether the dude’s name was Chico or Chick Corea. He said it was Chico. I said if his name were Chico, he would’ve gone by Chucho, and then he’d be Chucho Valdes. He agreed. This is what you do on a day like this. Argue about music you don’t listen to. There were only three other people out, which means this morning would’ve been a good session for learners, because you could mess up without worrying about your board flying into someone’s face and then finding some spittle (or some fist) in yours. Dogtownsurfer wrote a blurb titled “How Not To Surf” featuring a great series of pics and comments about a basic mistake made by beginners. It’s worth a read. Time travellers: If you go back in time to this morning and are heading out the door, don’t make my mistake: go with the longboard.

(Photo hella reposted with HELLA permission from Swellmagnet)

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