None The Less Heroic could be anywhere. We’ve all seen this scene (click to embiggen). In this case it was yuesterday afternoon at the corner of Regent and Eucalyptus in Inglewood where, for whatever the chain of events, a vehicle plowed over a hydrant sending a powerful geyser of water 40 to 50 feet into the air, and bringing L.A. County Firefighters and paramedics and Inglewood police to the scene.

I’ve often wondered how these temporary torrents get capped. Is a call put in to the appropriate water department to “shut down the grid?” Can its feeder pipe be digitally engaged to close? Is the liquid nitrogen brought in and administered to freeze the waterfall? Uh, no. I found out it’s done the very old-fashioned and wet way in the form of a couple hearty firefighters going under a tarp andwading into the eye of the storm searching for the shut-off valve wherever it might be all the while getting viciously pounded by the downpour. PIx after the jump.

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