LA’s Best Cupcakes: Final Results


Caroline has been in the front lines of the battle for the greatest cupcake in LA and finally has the list of winners. Red Velvet, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Coconut, Buttercake – the list is long but the winners are official. Unfortunately none of these are vegan which means I won’t be able to celebrate the victory, but most people should immediately check the winning list and stuff their faces.
[pics by dotsara]

5 thoughts on “LA’s Best Cupcakes: Final Results”

  1. ok…flesh of animals isn’t a usual ingredient in cupcakes. Am confused my vegan friends will eat cupcakes so what are we missing?

  2. Vegan means you don’t eat anything from animals, which includes Dairy products which are in most cupcakes – milk, butter, etc. However if Lard is used (it is sometimes in baking) then yes, actually flesh of animals is included.

  3. wow…thanks for that clarification, show’s how true to veganism my cousin and friends are. They do dairy. I never use lard…prefer to not coat my arteries with the heavy duty stuff. Isn’t lard pretty much a southern thing anymore?

  4. More ederkation today, thanks. I haven’t seen lard in ages then again my lipids of choice tend to be the ‘healthier’ vegetable source so I really don’t look for it one way or the other.

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