Airbourne tonight at the Viper Room. ROCK.

UPDATE! These dudes pulled out of their show! How unrock n roll. It better be for a good reason like they took way too much drugs or something. Crap.

Holy. Crap. I just spent the last week in Austin, TX at SXSW watching more rock bands, hip hop MCs and DJs than I even care to remember. I wasn’t exactly pumped when my roommate drug me out to Spaceland last night to see Jamie T. after such a show-heavy week, but I relented. Funny then, that I’d finally run into a band that made my jaw drop so many miles away back home in LA.

I go to Spaceland a lot. A lot. It’s not often that upon entering the doors you see four dudes with long hair, a lead singer with no shirt swigging from a bottle of Jack Daniels, just laying down some fucking rock from FOUR Marshall Stacks. Yeah, four stacks at Spaceland. The lead singer was throwing down some intense rock and ended the set with multiple calls like “ARE YOU WITH ME SPACELAND!?” and all manner of TOTALLY ROCK N ROLL strutting about. These guys were throwing down with EVERYTHING they had and they were doing it to a half-full room as the opening band on the free-night at Spaceland. Who were these dudes? A quick internet search later and I knew that my roommate and I were gonna have to go see Airbourne again today when they drop the rock at The Viper Room. Yes, these Australians are going to blow minds on the strip tonight.

Going to see a band twice in a row is one thing, but getting me to the Viper Room is something else entirely. So, seriously, get down there if you want to have your face melted off with some real-life, serious like a heart-attack, CRUSHING ROCK. Jamie T. was great too, don’t get me wrong, but with so much rock on stage before him, he didn’t really stand a chance.

Airbourne at the Viper Room TONIGHT. Be there.

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  1. the show is still up on the myspace page, and the viper room page and i don’t see anything saying it’s cancelled on their webpage…continue rocking!

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