The Lobster Sting

There’s a great story in the LA Times about a successful undercover operation to catch illegal Spiny Lobster fishing.

Spiny Lobster are legal for trapping outside of Santa Monica Bay from October through mid-March. It has been illegal to catch them inside Santa Monica Bay since 1930. (If you go out whale watching with me you can see the buoys that mark the edge of Santa Monica Bay along the line where it’s legal to trap and still shallow enough to put the traps down.)

Spiny Lobsters aren’t like their Maine kin that have large claws, these “bugs” are prized for their tail meat. Go read the story about how these fishermen caught their interest and how they got the evidence to take them into custody. You can now expect the CSI: Department of Fish and Game to be announced at the Upfronts in May.

Image via Flickr user Paphio (and is of an Atlantic Spiny Lobster, not one in the Santa Monica Bay).

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