Sweatin’ Bullets (3/19/06): Battle Royale

fight.jpgPhoto by “it is what is is…”

LAist vs. Blogging.LA: While our own Will Campbell will be gleefully awaiting the arrival of the Airbus 380 at LAX tomorrow morning, LAist’s Andy Sternberg gives five reasons to boycott the JUMBO jumbo jet’s inaugural landing.

Felix the Cat vs. The Cultural Heritage Commision: The history behind Figueora auto dealership bearing the neon name and image of Felix, plus efforts to designate it a historical landmark, by Ed Fuentes at View from a Loft.

Cheviot Hills vs. Hispanic transit passengers: The Cheviot Hills Homeowners Association president Ben Cate recently claimed that only Hispanics would be using a subway to the sea. MetroRiderLA now says the future light rail line should go through Cheviot Hill as “a matter of principle”.

Pinks Hot Dogs vs. Bobby Flay: Eating LA’s Pat Sapperstein as judge, jury, and weiner executioner.

BonBlogs vs. Alleged Murderer: The jury deciding over the fate of the transient who fatally stabbed a waiter from Marmalade Cafe waiter two years ago becomes deadlocked, resulting in a mistrial. Casting agent Bonnie Gillespie has been following this sad story, and tells the jury to get it right the next time.

iFilm vs. YouTube: Jason Calacanis calls bullshit on Viacom’s case of copyright infringement against YouTube, pointing out that the media giant owns iFilm which “constantly posted clips they didn’t own and only took them down when folks would bust them–by which time they already had the traffic boost.”