Surf Report – March 19

Photo: Swellmagnet

Funboards are accurately named. The only person who looked like she was having a good time this morning was riding a funboard. She was catching everything and having fun. There were only three or five people out today. I think Daylight Saving Time should be called Surf In The Dark So Hazardous Marine Life That Feed At Night Can Eat You.

3 thoughts on “Surf Report – March 19”

  1. Your surf reports are entertaining. I was at Venice today and there were under a dozen surfers making the best of the far spaced little sets. There were even 3 hardy fools jumping on boogey boards at the shore trying. Not too bad considering other parts of the country are so buried with snow it will be months before they can think about going in the water.

  2. Thanks Frazgo. Did you notice the water was a lot warmer? Perhaps a sperm whale was closeby taking a piss.

  3. lmao….didn’t see the whale but it ‘splained nicely why the surfers were huddled in small pools

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