Stray Cat Strut

kitty%20kat.jpgSo, I’m sure you’re wondering what you’ll do with the empty, blank, vast wasteland of social calendar that will exist after the Centennial this Thursday. Yes! Yes you are! What could possibly be any fun after you’ve been entertained by burlesque beauties’ dulcet tunes, film, music and food?

You arrogant bastard. You think we’re all here to entertain YOU, don’t you? Did you ever consider it might be time to give back? Give til it hurts? SQUUUEEEEEZE the goodness out of you so that someone else can be neutered?


Yes. There’s a benefit for the Stray Cat Alliance on the 31st of this month, to be held at Kulak’s Woodshed in Valley Village–that’s just a little hop over the hill to heal the kitties. Yes it is. The Stray Cat Alliance are a non-profit organization founded in 1999 by a group of dedicated animal welfare advocates. They provide a resource for concerned and responsible citizens to help with solving the homeless cat crisis. From humane traps to spaying & neutering to sponsoring animals and holding adoptions, they do good work.

Go check it out; musicians include Michael Doman, Danny Peck, Lisa Turner, Joe Hamilton and Julie Chadwick. Word on the street is that there will be wee furry kitlets available for adoption–so if you’re a crazy cat lady hankerin’ for a new ball of fluff to add to your brood, here’s the place.

And remember, you’re doin’ it for the cats, man.

I’d go but I’m allergic.

2 thoughts on “Stray Cat Strut”

  1. Stray cats are less annoying than stray rats and mice.

    Personally I think stray children are annoying, loud, disgusting, and should be put to sleep. Not killed, mind you. Just put to bed.

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