Speed Up the Crosswalk Light – Slow Down the Cars

bla-traderjoesmap.gifMike at Franklin Avenue has a great post up about the crosswalk and coming traffic light on Hyperion in front of the Trader Joe’s and Gelson’s.

Not only was a pedestrian killed at that intersection, but a Trader Joe’s employee, Adam Authier, was run down on his bike recently. He’s still recovering from his injuries.

There is a benefit set for Authier, who didn’t have insurance yet. (It would be even better if they caught the guy who ran him down and made him pay.) The Silver Lake Trader Joe’s and the Company of Angels theatre are coming together to sponsor a benefit on April 1 at the Grand Avenue Club downtown (1024 S. Grand Ave.) from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

See more coverage at Franklin Avenue with more links and a petition to speed up the traffic signal. Maybe we can just get a crossing guard until July when the signal is supposed to be activated.

2 thoughts on “Speed Up the Crosswalk Light – Slow Down the Cars”

  1. As I’ve mentioned before, my wife was nearly run down there by a negligent driver. Luckily for her, there was a cop there who pulled over the driver immediately.

  2. A) I absolutely agree that a traffic light should be installed there and quickly. The city should not try to make pedestrian traffic patterns less important than vehicle traffic patterns (e.g. It is wrong to ask pedestrians to go out of their way to Griffith Park just as it’s wrong to ask vehicles to go out of their way. The city doesn’t decide traffic patterns, they react to them.)

    B) Having said that, it’s pretty stupid for anyone to cross at Monon until that light goes in. It’s not the drivers’ fault that the intersection is designed poorly making it hard to see pedestrians wandering out into traffic snug (smug?) in their blanket of legal/moral superiority. It’s a couple of hundred feet to walk to Griffith Park and cross at the light. I just did it on Saturday and survived.

    So, yes, sign petitions to get the city to fix this problem with the proper solution–a light. In the meantime, value your safety over your legal rights and cross at a nearby light.

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