L.A. conman Fred Brito finally makes news in New Mexico

Also received mention in local weekly. “Retains services” of high profile PR company.

Today’s Las Cruces Sun News carries the headline, “Convicted Felon Fired From Non-Profit”, news that was reported here nearly two weeks ago. Writer Jenn Kistler is told that Brito, who she refers to as “Gomez”, was fired for reasons other than his employer discovering his criminal history:

“It wasn’t because of what we’d heard because we haven’t confirmed that,” (New Mexico Performing Arts Academy board president Kathy) Nau said. “It was mainly conflict of managerial styles.”

…She added that during his six-month employment, Gomez failed to raise money for the 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Also this week, the Pasadena Weekly carries an interview with former American Red Cross Public Information Officer Dereck Andrade who was fired for allegedly “tipping off” the media of Fred Brito’s identity after they’d discovered Brito’s background and fired him. The article by Andre Coleman contains numerous quotes by Brito.

While unconfirmed, Fred Brito wrote in an email and on his blog that he’s now retained the services of Karren Ammond at KBC Media Relations to handle further interview requests. On their website, the New Jersey based PR firm list Donna Hogan (Anna Nicole Smith’s sister), Shannon Tweed, and the jury that convicted Scott Peterson among its clients.

Today’s Las Cruces Sun News also mentions that the newspaper published two seperate articles about “Gomez” on the October 16th, 2006, after he contacted them “to publish stories of his good works.” One of these regarded his hosting a foreign exchange student from Prague. Shortly thereafter, the student was removed from his home:

“I do know that Mr. Gomez was a former host of ours and wouldn’t be considered to host again,” said Kelli Jones, director of Educational Resource Development Trust SHARE high school exchange program.

Jones said the student was placed in another home because Gomez didn’t comply with some of the rules and regulations, which she wouldn’t disclose.

“He’s the only host family of over 600 that wouldn’t comply to that for us,” Jones said.

The Sun News writes that they contacted Dateline NBC and confirmed they’d be running “an hour long segment” on Brito. This is contrary to what I was told in my own phone call to Dateline NBC staff, who told me Brito’s story would only be one segment on others in a one hour episode. (splitting hairs?)

Dateline correspondant Josh Mankiewicz told the Sun News, ” “One of the confounding things about Fred’s story is he has told so many lies to so many people over so many years that even he can’t remember what is true or not.”

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    Post Update on today’s Sun News Story:

    Those of you, who read the Las Cruces Sun News today and believe what you read, will not really read the entire truth. I would be remiss if I did not inform you.

    What the Sun News negligently did not tell you was the truth. The entire truth. This is what you call whitewash “Negligent Journalism.” They only want you to know what “they” want you to know.

    Did they tell you that while I worked at the New Mexico Performing Arts Academy that I personally financially sponsored not one but five students who had it not been for my help, they would not have been able to take classes at the Academy?

    Of course, they did not. Ask them why not. You can verify this by calling Marty Dorado at: 505.635.7655 and Josh Garcia at: 505.202.0341. They both were involved in the selection of the five students that I would financially sponsor.

    Did they tell you that because of me, I took the New Mexico Performing Arts Academy from near bankruptcy to where they are today?

    Of course, they did not. Now ask them Why?

    Did they tell you that when I was hired I was paid one thousand dollars a month, and I voluntarily reduced my salary to five hundred dollars a month so that they would not go bankrupt and have to close their doors?

    Of course not. Now ask them Why?

    Did they tell you that before I was hired as their Administrative Director, that they lost their studio and were without a home, and because of my work, they are now at the Mesilla Valley Mall in a much better situation than when I found them?

    Of course not. Now ask them why?

    The Board of Directors of the New Mexico Performing Arts Academy is a group of greedy selfish individuals that expected to get hundreds of thousands of dollars through my fund raising efforts, and expecting me to jump through hoops, all for $500.00 per month. Who in their right mind would be that stupid. I have to admit. I was stupid to believe their promises. Promises that never took place.

    So, who lied to whom?

    Did they tell you that they refused to reimburse me for all of my expenses that I personally paid out in their behalf, which totaled well over $850.00?

    Of course not. Now ask them why?

    The New Mexico Performing Arts Academy has a lot to hide that is why. It was easier for them to be rid of me, in the hopes that I would never discuss this publicly. I believed their CON, I was used, and I was the stupid one. Therefore, it was my fault.

    Since I have been here in Las Cruces, I have helped countless people with financial help.

    Did the Sun News write about this in their story? Of course not. Now ask them why not?

    Did the Sun News include in their story the statements in support of Fred Brito of over fifteen people in Las Cruces who personally contacted Jennifer Kistler (the so called News Reporter) who wrote this story?

    Of course not. Now ask them why not?

    Shame on the Las Cruces Sun News for irresponsible and negligent journalism. All the Sun News wanted to do was stir up an already peaceful community and launch a witch hunt on people without knowing the truth and hiding the truth when they knew it.

    Shame on the New Mexico Academy of Performing Arts for their selfishness and greed. It will be just a matter of time before they will need to close their doors yet again. Then whom else will they blame?

    The only thing that I can say is that I have paid my debt to society. I am a free man. I owe nothing to anyone. I will do all that I can to protect myself from negligent people and organizations like the Las Cruces Sun News and the New Mexico Academy of Performing Arts.


    Fred Brito Gomez de Maria






    Las Cruces, New Mexico: Subject of a DATELINE NBC News Special, Fred B. Gomez de Maria and his entire family are residents of Las Cruces, NM. We charge and refute a front-page news story in the Las Cruces Sun News newspaper about him.

    The Gomez de Maria family will publicly charge that the Sun News has “acted with malice and intent to harm and incite the peaceful community of Las Cruces in discriminating against him and his family.” In addition, “this story has no news value and merely attempts to localize a story that took place many years ago in the State of California.”

    Gomez de Maria also will contend that the Sun News lacks the sensitivity and dignity that is due a grieving family as we have recently lost our mother and our father has lost his wife. Our father is extremely ill with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and that the Sun News has lost its sense of respect and compassion for the family in their time of mourning.

    “This is completely in our view a serious lack of respect and dignity. There is no sense for this story to be published. It is an attempt by the Sun News to harass and run good people out of town. This is an outrage, and this family will not stand still and allow it to happen. ”

    The Gomez de Maria family contends that the Sun News acted with malice to publicize news from 2005, which took place in Los Angeles in an effort to bolster the Sun News, lagging sales.

    Las Cruces Sun News Reporter Jennifer Kistler, who wrote the disparaging story, claims that her “readers needed to know what kind of people live in Las Cruces.” If this is the case, then the Sun News will need to write many stories about a lot of Las Cruces residents.

    “The Sun News is attempting to cause a massive “witch-hunt” seeking out every known person who falls short of being the “right” kind of person or family that should be permitted to live in Las Cruces. This is America and the Sun News is attempting to single out people and families that they feel don’t need to belong to Las Cruces. This is an outrage. This type of white wash “profiling” journalism is what sets people against others in an attempt to create contempt and outrage against law abiding citizens who may have run afoul of the law, yet are striving to rebuild their lives while living in an already judgmental society.”

    Reporter Kistler’s soul reason to write this story is to sensationalize an already old story and bring fresh light to one person’s struggle to survive while adding a negative twist in order to inflame and incite the Las Cruces community. In addition, the Gomez de Maria’s family contends that Kistler is an young novice aspiring reporter and would give anything to capture the “golden goose egg” on her personal road to fame and glory by exploiting and sensationalizing people’s personal life struggles with total disregard for ethics and journalistic professionalism.

    According to the Gomez de Maria family, “this story only proves how desperate the Las Cruces Sun News is to increase it readership and will go to any length to incite a community and disparage anyone it chooses. This is how innocent people get hurt and sometimes killed, by grandstanding, chest thumping reporters who write stories under the guise of quality reporting.”

    Shame on the Editors of the Sun News for allowing its newspaper to become a cheesy, gossip filled tabloid. The Sun News promotes and encourages many of their negligent reporters to seek the Holy Grail, or the Brass Ring or their “E” ticket ride to fame.

    Sun News reporter Kistler has regurgitated, reworded and published an old story created by the Los Angeles Times the easy way by plagiaristic craftsmanship. This is not quality or ethical reporting. This is merely someone’s attempt to obtain a sense of status by stepping on whomever she can. This is nothing short than journalistic cannibalism. Kistler never once included the statements of over eight people who called the Sun News to support and speak positively about Frd B. Gomez de Maria. Why?
    DATELINE NBC became interested in Gomez de Maria after the Los Angeles Times newspaper published a lengthy story about him on August 17, 2005. Gomez de Maria, has a lengthy history in Los Angeles, however, it is of national interest how he was able to fabricate his resume and obtain many high level executive positions in many well known non-profit organizations. More about this story to come at the press conference.

  2. the more I read gomez’s post I am convinced that he is not right in the head. , brito , whatever his name is is not well.

    He constantly tries to make his good deeds nullify his ongoing bad behavior. I have a person that I talk about on my blog that does the same thing.

    Sorry , but this is not going to cut the mustard.

    According to the Gomez de Maria family, “this story only proves how desperate the Las Cruces Sun News is to increase it readership and will go to any length to incite a community and disparage anyone it chooses. This is how innocent people get hurt and sometimes killed, by grandstanding, chest thumping reporters who write stories under the guise of quality reporting.”

    You know that person on the blog I have does the same thing. Protests how people are out to get him , jealous of his accomplishment. The problem is that we are all on to this type of personality ever since Hannnibal Lector came out on the scene. Although Fred and Jaime aren’t cannibals and murderers , they seem to try and think if they do good deeds they can do bad things at the same time.

    It ain’t happening.

    Sorry Fred , but I would never hire you, ever.

  3. The saddest thing is how shady the American Red Cross has gotten. I wouldn’t give them a dime anymore.


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