Top 11 Underground Transit Systems Worldwide

Los Angeles missing from yet another Top 10 11 List

Metroblogging cities worldwide are smack talking each other over where they rank (or don’t rank) on Virgin Vacation’s listing of “the most popular and diverse… of the quite eye-catching transit systems.” Number one is London, and at 11 is San Paola Brazil.

Tym in Singapore makes a case for why their SRT system should be on the list and also gives a roundup of some of the other Metroblogging takes:

  • Bangkok disputes London’s ranking and makes a case for the Skytrain/BTS.
  • Berlin gives its two cents on other cities’ underground systems.
  • Manila offers its own informal world rankings.
  • Pittsburgh weighs in on why its T deserves to be included in the list.
  • Tokyo assesses its own subway system.

Arzan Sam Wadia chimes in that New York “makes it (at) a lowly 7th”, although it is the only U.S. city on the list.

As for Los Angeles, our system would be #1 if it wasn’t top super secret. And by this I mean our gold laden system operated by the lizard people.

5 thoughts on “Top 11 Underground Transit Systems Worldwide”

  1. Wait are you seriously wondering why our 4 line underground transit system isn’t on that list? It isn’t actually even 4 lines as the only lines that really run underground are the Blue and Red lines, and the Blue line for only about a mile where it meets the Red line. The gold line goes through a tunnel or two, and soon will go underground to East LA.

    This is probably another case of me not getting the joke.

  2. Eecue: I think a small typo I just corrected (in bold) points out my opinion on the matter – simply that if they counted the transit system run by the lizard people we’d definitely by #1!

  3. Maybe if we adopted the proposed MTA system that we’ve blogged here in the past, we could crack the top ten . . . as it is, the goddamn Metro is consistently 1 mile short of where I need to go, and getting from Pasadena to the Valley is an exercise in wasting about 45 extra minutes going all the way down to Union Station.

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