Troubadour Secretly Nuturing the Return of the Pit?

Until fellow IAAList Michael #1 and I caught The Sword‘s barn-burning headlining show at the Troubadour on Monday, I believed the mosh pit to be long dead. Hell, I thought all forms of fun had been declared null-and-void at LA music venues. The last time I went to the Palladium, for example, they wouldn’t even allow my companion to enter while he was chewing gum, and after he spit it into the garbage they actually inspected him to make sure he wasn’t pulling a fast one. So, I was more than a little surprised when a nascent pit broke out about 1/4 of the way into The Sword’s set, and there was no swarm of bouncers appearing to break it up. It wasn’t very serious, the energy level definitely ebbed and flowed throughout the show, but it was definitely there and nobody freaked out about it. Is this something that’s been going on for awhile and I just don’t go to enough shows anymore to notice? Are there other LA venues that actually allow pits that I’m missing out on? Interestingly, the long-standing lack of mosh pits has obviously resulted in a dearth of pit etiquette. There were always a few meatheads (or skinheads) that were more interested in causing problems, but in general most people had a pretty clear idea of what their role was depending on where they were (e.g., if you’re standing on the edge you should be expecting people to run into you, and be ready to push them back in). This time, nobody seemed to know what the hell to do.

While I’m at it, kudos to the Troubadour for updating their website. I don’t know when it happened, because I stopped visiting it a long time ago due to the fact that it sucked and wasn’t always updated. The new site’s much, much more pleasant, though I’m disappointed to see that the only non-Ticketmaster way to buy tickets is at the door or by fax.

7 thoughts on “Troubadour Secretly Nuturing the Return of the Pit?”

  1. The Troub has been like that for years. At least they still have the fax option, since the El Rey dropped their online ticketing for Ticketmaster.

    The best secret is buying tickets at the Wiltern/Hollywood Bowl/Greek box offices in advance. They sell tickets in advance, not just same day, and you don’t get raped by Ticketmaster

  2. I haven’t seen a pit banned there since the middle 90’s. I can remember watching Fu Man Chu there a moshin it(98 or 99), and more recently Clit 45. Fun stuff!

  3. Damn. Sounds like I’ve got to go to more metal shows at The Troubadour. Can you tell how often I go to shows?

    Red Sparrowes are there next week. Anyone want to go?

  4. Geez, I haven’t been to the Troubador since I walked out on the Go Go’s (because they really did suck that bad). It was before they went to England and became all famous and shit, just to give you a time frame. As I recall, before walking out I was sitting next to Clive Davis, who wasn’t tapping his toes either.

    Back then, heavy metal at the Troub was strictly verboten and, far from any kind of pit, there were only tables in front of the stage. Instead we’d sneak into Doug’s office and snort coke off his desk while watching the band through his secret window. Awww, such fond memories of my irresponsible youth.

    So it sounds like it might be time to once again venture South of Sunset. If for no other reason than to teach all them kids how to push each other around.

  5. The Troubadour is still one of my fav venues in LA. The last time I saw Dillinger there the pitting was o’ plenty.

    Other venues that allow it? The Henry Fonda Theatre. Just as long you’re not there to start shit. Things go fine with the security.

  6. The Troubadour website was redesigned by a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ticketmaster called Cottonblend. So that might explain why is your only online option.

  7. Saw a pit form at the Knitting Factory during Authority Zero’s set. I was as surprised as you were, but the crowd snapped to attention and started happily pushing moshers back into the fray.

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