The Best Acupuncture – Pain Free at Last!!!

A couple of months ago, I blogged about dealing with my knee, which was seriously out of whack and killing me. I did everything the doctors recommended, from the traditonal to the arcane trying to get it back to normal. I took aspirin, iced it, started the glucosomine and chronditron supplements, special exercises…and they all helped, but it still wasn’t right and was still hurting. That is, until I found one of the best acupuncturists I’ve ever experienced, Jeremiah Krieger. And the kicker is, he practices in Hollywood, so for me, he’s easy to get to. Now part of me, the selfish part, wants to keep him all to myself. He’s already busy, and I want to be able to get in anytime I want, but in the interest of promoting better health and pain free living for everyone… I’m giving him up.

He works three days a week out of the Amrit Davaa Healing Center, which is located in Golden Bridge on De Longpre in Hollywood. I’ve written about Golden Bridge before, it’s a massively cool yoga center that also has a great cafe, a wonderful book and gift shop, an art studio, Ron Teegarden’s Herb center, and the Healing Center, which offers acupuncture, massage and great facials. The thing I really like about Jeremiah’s practice, is that he treats the whole person, not just the specific ailment. He worked on my knee, but also on other things and after the first session, I got up and felt terrific. He also prescribed some herbs to take and after five days of taking the herbs and getting consecutive treatments, I was pain free and walking completely normally after three months of dealing with pain! Last week, my mom was in town visiting and she tired Jeremiah for her back and hip pain and noticed a marked improvement! He can be reached at 310-488-6188 and works three days a week in Hollywood and three days a week in Santa Monica.

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  1. i had great results a year ago at san wa university on washington in the marina. the students do the accupuncture under professorial supervision. it’s $25 a session.

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