11 thoughts on “Lost Souls raises prices of coffee, blames Iraq War”

  1. Unless they grow the coffee out back of the store there is transport involved. For the current moment at least, transport is almost completely dependent on petroleum-based fuels. Oil & gas companies are using the war as a cover to charge people like me $3.30/gallon at the pump, and it only keeps going up… God knows that these trucking and transport companies aren’t going to eat the extra fuel costs and whatnot so they just keep passing it on down the line until it reaches you, Mr. and Mrs. Consumer.

    I agree that it is not all that eloquent however…

  2. If it is a joke – it’s good. +1

    If not, then well…

    I still don’t understand the part about how oil and gas companies are using the war as a cover to increase prices. Oil is a worldwide commodity, and while shocks in the supply(due to war or other security issues) might introduce price increases in the short run, in the long run other suppliers will step up to the plate in order to make up for the shortcomings of others.

    That said, the biggest factor controlling oil prices these days is OPEC collusion. Which will bite them in the ass as people look for and find alternative fuels.

  3. Iraq war causes menu to expand…??? !!!! That’s what it says!!!!!!!

    They’ll still be quite a bit lower priced than the green monster though… and a zillion times better.

  4. Kinda odd since the news earlier this week was that coffee prices are down. Arabica beans in particular in being harvested in record amounts in some coffee producing nations. It’s so good/bad in Kenya that some are worried about negative economic impact on farmers.

    So maybe the war is causing them to expand their menu and lower their prices. Okay, maybe not.

  5. “Honey, I think we should see other people… you know, because of the war in Iraq, and rising gas prices (because of the war in Iraq) Thank you for your understanding”

  6. Couple of words to look up:

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  7. 5. A clever way of trying to cop out of something that you said. As in, “I was just kidding about calling your amputee mother a gimp. Can’t you take a joke.”

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