Improv goes high tech!

Picture%206.pngOne new improv show opens Sunday night, another has a one night appearance in Hollywood. I have no idea if either will be funny – but both incorporate some fancy technology, so at the very least they won’t be boring.

Cartoon Overlord debuts Sunday night at Acme. The twist here is that its an “improvised cartoon stage show.” The audience is encouraged to bring in their own characters that they’ve drawn, or sketch some on site, and then have them scanned into a computer. Via computer gizmo magic, the “actors” then control the cartoons on a screen, turning them into 2D puppets, adding their voices. The software was supposedly made it with a spare computer and $100 in spare parts. Tickets are $12, or $10 if you bring some art to add to the show.

The AV Club has been around a bit longer, and appears to have spent more on their equipment. This live “faux news” improv show features a blue screen to transport the newscasters around the world, live man on the street interviews being shot live, out on the street in front of the theatre, and fancy TV graphics. These guys are getting some national exposure, but will be gracing their home stage at the IOWest in Hollywood on Saturday, March 24th. Tickets are only $5.