Sweatin’ Bullets (3/15/07): Criminal Brain Fat

witchhouse.jpgI know the infamous “Witches House” in Beverly Hills always looks derelict, even more as shown here while under “renovation” last June… has anyone been by lately and seen if its in better shape? (photo by K Santos)

Into vintage LA crime? Travel with the 1947Project this Saturday on the “Blood and Dumplings” Crime Bus Tour of some of LA’s most infamously grim locations… and some Chinese treats. Their blog is also on the lookout for new contributors.

Tomorrow is the last day to vote for LA’s “most eyecatching bookstore employee” in LA Brain Terrain’s “Bookstore Babe Challenge”. Currently in the lead are Manny at Book Soup and Allison H. at Vromans. (original post here, newest update here, vote here)

Stinks Good bemoans the closing of downtown joint “Burgers and Sh t”.

Real life pressman Ed Padgett’s goal to get 100 new Times subscribers signed up “at the employee rate” has resulted in only one sign up in three weeks. (pssst: if you want the “friends and family rate” click here to order and use Ed’s employee #051627)

LA’s Homeless blog hopes that other celebrities “out” themselves as being formerly homeless, just as Halle Berry recently did.

Good and bad news for LA’s two most famous “fat bloggers”: Jason Calacanis has dropped to 189.6 pounds, down from 207 last year. But Kevin Smith’s promised weekly posts on the subject hasn’t been updated since Feb. 20th – while Pat at Eating L.A. spotted him “picking up several dozen peanut butter ‘n jelly filled doughnuts” last Saturday at Fritelli’s in Beverly Hills.

6 thoughts on “Sweatin’ Bullets (3/15/07): Criminal Brain Fat”

  1. Hey the only difference is if I choose to only get the paper on Sundays or Weekend Plus. =[ …. I almost got a sub for the first time since about 8 years ago

  2. Also it was never called Burgers n Shit, that was added by a wonderful Production Company, much to the disdain of area residents, and never removed. Personally I thought it was cool… even when the covered up the “i”.

  3. If I still subscribed to the Times, I’d cancel my subscription because of the crap their management has done lately. But alas, I canceled my subscription years ago over the crap management was doing then.

  4. David,

    I really appreciate the plug for the newspaper; remind me to buy you a few beers the next time we meet, Wayland’s at 2nd and Alameda would be good during the week.

    The Chicago Tribune purchased the Times Mirror Company seven years ago, since then, we have lost 225,000 daily readers. Many attempt to put all the blame upon the Internet, to a certain extent this is true, but many of the lost readers are due too the changes in staffing and content.

    Advertising rates are based on readership, the lower the subscriber base, the lower the revenue brought in to the company. The Los Angeles Times accounts for twenty percent of the Tribune’s bottom line, yet they want further cuts in staffing.

    Folks, feel free to leave comments regarding your likes and dislikes of the newspaper on my blog, the movers and shakers at the Tribune Company visit daily, and seem to have no clue why readers are leaving for local newspapers and blogs.

  5. Drove by the Witches House about 2 weeks ago. It’s still being renovated; still behind a covered green fence. Doesn’t look like much progress has been made since last year.

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