Please No Broiled Scrod

For the upcoming 1907 Centennial bash at Bedlam Gallery on the 22nd, is inviting foodies, food bloggers (fubloggers?), and anyone who kinda likes to cook to bring a dish reminiscent of days gone by.

While your contribution doesn’t have to date from 1907, like that fruitcake in the back shelf of your pantry, you can peruse menus from that era at the LA Pubic Library’s menu archive.

To search for menus from the general time period, type 190* or 191* into the date field. You’ll see actual images of menus from places like the Hotel Alexandria, the Rosslyn, the Mission Inn and the Pacific Electric Grill!

rosslyn%20menu.jpgRosslyn’s includes “consomme pricess” (aka chicken broth), boiled salmon with hollandaise, boiled ham with romaine sauce, sweetbreads, short ribs of beef, Yorkshire pudding, macaroni & cheese “au gratin,” something called “roman punch,” prime rib au jus, turkey with cranberry sauce, lettuce with French dressing, English plum pudding with hard and brandy sauce, mince pie, pumpkin pie, Canadian cream & Roquefort cheese, and water crackers; also, and indispensably, buttermilk.

Mission Inn had many of the same offerings, plus Waldorf Salad, minced chicken on toast, pickled pig’s feet, preserved pears, coconut custard pie, and fig cake, and malted milk.

Are we suggesting you bring pickled pig’s feet? Hell No! But…

…you can’t go wrong with cheese, Waldorf Salad, “lettuce with French dressing” or anything that comes with Hard Sauce. rosslyn%20menu%20inside.jpg

Another excellent, if somewhat…er…vague in its measurements, is, which includes recipes for “Dough-Nuts” (requiring the gloriously imprecise measure for butter: “the size of an egg”),…as well as everyone’s favorite, Broiled Scrod. Who doesn’t love Broiled Scrod?

For those ambitious enough to attempt anything beyond Pumpkin Pie, we salute you! Please do not give us food poisoning. Also, the kids at 1947project also say it’s ok to bring food from other eras as well–check their web site for references.

So, come one, come all–and bring the favorite foods of yesteryear! It’s a Call to Action! It’s a grand Challenge! And it’s Time to Eat!

If you’d like to bring a dish to share, drop me a line in the comments here; I’m wrangling the food for this event. And wrangling food is a dirty, dirty job, but some girl’s gotta do it.

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  1. Put me down for braised scrod… no, but I did want to mention that the evening’s entertainment includes an invocation of the Potato King, so spud-based dishes are especially welcome.

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