Flight Of Fancy

For the life of me I can’t tell ya why I’m geeking out over the news that the new 555-passenger Airbus 380 is going to be making its historic inaugural landing at LAX Monday at 9:30 a.m. I’m usually not one to get all ga-ga over stuff like this, but in this case I’m actually uber-goober enough to plan on being stationed on a small knoll along Sepulveda, the better for the thing to pass a hundred feet or so directly over my head on its way to landing on Runway 24R, kinda like this DC-9 below that I snapped coming in this afternoon when I stopped by to scope the viewpoint out — only bigger. Much.


Whereas the DC-9 has a wingspan of 93 feet and a length of 133 feet, the Airbus 380 has a wingspan of 261 feet and a length of 239 feet. The phrase “big ass jet airliner” comes to mind, and just I can’t shake the urge I have to see her come to town.

UPDATE (03.17): As referenced by Mike of Franklin Avenue blog in the comments, the turnout is gonna be large and there will be street closures and designated public viewing areas to see the landing Monday. Read more in this March 16 press release here.

UPDATE (03.19): Here’s a YouTube embed of the landing from my POV on Lincoln Boulevard just west of Sepulveda:

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  1. From comments on airliners.net, you will not be alone. At least 60 members will be at the grassy knoll near In-N-Out (not me though, because of work).

  2. Oooh! I want to go! How long will it be staying at LAX and then will all of us race to the other end of the airport to watch it take off? I say yes!

  3. Julia, I believe she’s there all day and the next, with her takeoff scheduled for 7:45 p.m. from one of the runways to the south of the terminals.

  4. WOW…count me in, I can’t wait to see that monster go. Thanks for sharing that tidbit, its not geeky, just a personal interest. Any idea when it departs? What carrier…British Airways? I really would like to fly that one even though with 500 onboard it could be a bugger getting on and off. I’d still take it over the 747 am on in 3 weeks for my trip.

  5. Thanks Will, I will see you (and who knows how many others) on the knoll on Monday morning. I always love an excuse to watch airplanes land there. It is my favorite In-N-Out for just that reason.

  6. It’s Qantas… and according to this, they could be expecting as many as 100,000 spectators! (That sounds ridiculously high to me, but rest assured, there’s gonna be A LOT of people there!)

  7. 100,000!!! That’s seriously gonna put the NO in knoll (In-N-Out better stock up on extra patties though!).

    Hey Frazgo and Julia. More than likely I’ll be rolling up to Sepulveda and 92nd Street around 9 a.m. on an orange bike wearing an orange helmet. I’ll probably attempt to view the landing from the grassy island in the middle of Lincoln and Sepulveda (here). If you happen to pick me out of the crowd please do say hey!

  8. Very cool…will take your word for it that this is the best spot to watch the beast arrive. I’ll have to hustle like mad to get down there by then as my last kid drop off is 7:45AM up here. Thanks for the map.

  9. I heard someone on one of the cable news networks report yesterday that the plane seats “over five thousand” passengers. You would have thought someone in the chain of this report — an intern, maybe — would have paused before it aired and said, “hey, are you sure about this? That sounds like kind of a lot of people.”

  10. I just listened to the live broadcast from KTLA’s chopper. Whoever was announcing the arrival is caught in the stone age. He stated the airplane was brought by the efforts of 4 countries, France, Spain, England and WEST GERMANY.

    I didn’t know the Eastern Block still existed?

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