Felt Club needs you!

[you Know you want to see it bigger]

Remember those nice folks at Felt Club? Well, it looks like the Felt Clubbers are in a dust-up with John Law!

The short version of the story is that some of their enthusiastic friends put up flyers where they weren’t supposed to, and/or didn’t remove them after the show was over…and now the city has come a-knockin’ to collect fines for the infringement.

Read the whole story here but more importantly, this is a great opportunity to

a) help them out of a jam they didn’t knowingly create, and

b) get yourself supplied with a whole lot of great stuff you can either keep for yourself or use to handle probably a year’s worth of gift-giving obligations.

The three eBay auctions started on 3/11, and will end at 6pm on Sunday, March 18.

Bidding is be brisk, but worth the effort!