OMG! Downtown Film Crew Actually Helpful!

Honestly. I just stepped out to hit Lost Souls and pick up some coffee only to find an entire film production jammed in the alleyway entrance preventing me from getting there. I was about to give up and sulk away when someone with all kinds of crazy walkie talkies and tape and pens and stuff asked if I was trying to get to the coffee shop. When I said yes she told me to follow her and led me through some secret *front door* entrance through the building that required secret passcodes and keys for locked doors. I was able to get my caffeine with almost no extra trouble. Wow!

One thought on “OMG! Downtown Film Crew Actually Helpful!”

  1. Maybe you & Dave can start a support group about how you’ve managed to cope with film crews for the last 40 months. I heard there were rude crew members & nice ones too. Now helpful?? Very complex….

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